Skin cancer overtakes lung cancer in new study


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A new study shows that skin cancer rates have surpassed lung cancer rates a large percentage. This might have been a shocking statistic by the skin cancer foundation found this out just 2 short years ago. This is alarming in the fact that the advancements in technology and healther alternatives to tanning have far surpassed expectations, but it is also alarming that a societal appeal to look attractive can outweigh ones decision to get into a tanning bed.


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A particularly interesting fact is that the study notes that with this cancer, there is no gender barriers, ethnicity barriers or even age barriers that can not be effected by. Meaning that this cancer could show up on anyone at anytime in their life. Which you typically don’t see with certin skin cancers. Typically with skin cancers like melanoma, college students are in the prime age of causing enough harm to their skin that they could contract the disease. Although the disease notes that 5 % of cancer patients that are diagnosed with the disease, it is up to about 71% of those who will die from the disease. However since typically the disease may not cause problems until you are in the middle ages of your life, it is the time from bout age 15-30 that you are most likely to have problems associated with the disease.

The study notes that there were additional studys conducted in concluding their results. Approximately 88 meta-analysis studies and that the overall population of the study reached over 400,000 participants. Such a large population was a great way to analyze common data and also notice correlations within the studies. The study also notes that its data was gathered in a large spread of the population, it did not focus specifically on the united states, which make you think since the disease has no real barriers on the population, you could prove that by gathering data from different countries, which is described as what happened in the study.


Cancer Projected So, what’s the best way to protect yourself from these projected rates of increased diagnoses of skin cancer. It’s a lot easier than you think. The study points out that all you have to do is avoid the sun when it is in it’s peak time, generally from 10am to about 3pm. If you are out at those times, the study suggested that the best possible means to protect your skin is to apply SPF of 30 or higher and apply it often. Further research suggested that applying sunscreen once or twice while out in the sun would not protect against preventing sunburns which in turn cause damage to you skin. The Study also suggested to wear as much protective clothing as possible to combat unnecessary burning.

in conclusion, it is vital to your health now and in the future that you do all that you can to avoid tanning in tanning beds, or seeking any other kind of unwanted skin damage. The study provided enough credible information that you have no reason not to take its data seriously. So next time you think of jumping in a tanning bed, just refer back to the study. Don’t Do It!!!

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  1. zvk5072

    I must say, I’m not surprised to see how high skin cancer rates have risen. I think future generations will look at ours and ask why people sat out in the sun all day to tan. The risks are pretty significant, and unfortunately so many people are finding this out the hard way. Not until I did some research after reading this post did I realize how staggering these numbers are. The CDC recently put out some statistics on the issue: People need to take care of themselves on the beach. Pretty decent blog post.

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