Sleep Affects Weight Gain?

Sleeping really late has became a really popular and common thing in teenage lives. We like to go to parties, have fun with our friends or even release school stress. But most of the teenagers did not realize the damage it brings to our body both inside and out.


Problems will start to appear physically such as getting acne on your face and getting these “Panda Eyes“. From the inside, we tends to feel really tired the next day and have low energy. Our body has its own circle which prepares each part of our body for the next day. So imagine if we always sleep really late, then it will disturb the circle and damage our body.

People who likes to sleep late whether you are working on some important homework or review for a test tends to eat during the night. For example, drinking a cup of coffee and eating some dessert could keep us awake, so people who tends to sleep late will have the habit of eating something at night which would cause weight gain.


Sleeping late is one of the main reasons that causes weight gain and brings damage to our body.



5 thoughts on “Sleep Affects Weight Gain?

  1. David Ross

    As someone who is trying my hardest not to gain any (more) weight during my freshman year, I was attracted to this article. I have always had a small amount of knowledge that the lack of sleep could result in weight gain but I never seemed to take it seriously. One thing you mentioned in your article was how when we’re up late, we may be prone to eating even though we may not actually be healthy. This is because our body needs energy to stay awake. This is a massive source for weight gain since metabolic rates are hindered with a lack of sleep as well. Here is an article that discusses how to stop eating at night when we might have to stay up late to study or whatever

  2. Arunima Sthapak

    I agree with your statements about the harms of sleeping late. It’s a bad habit that I have been tackling as well. Acnes and dark circles are a sure thing that I go through because of my terrible sleep schedules. However, I feel that adding some details and science behind why lack of sleep lead to physical and not just mental changes in our body can really help your argument.

    I also found this website which shows other and much more serious side effects of sleeping late. (

  3. Claudia Lynn Hatch

    This is a great topic, but you really didn’t follow the title of your article. You needed to add more sources, and really need to expand on the one topic you had. It was really all over the place, but it was still a solid topic. I totally agree that we need more sleep and that it can cause you to gain weight and get acne, just from personal experience. however, I am not sure if it is really backed up scientifically. Keep up the good work though! Check out this article for some more information.

  4. Trae Vann Morgan-White

    The irony. I have a very bad habit of sleeping late and it’s either due to procrastination, laziness, or too much fun. I’ve obviously have had these issues while being at Penn State. Weight gain, yup. I’ve literally gained the Freshman 15 plus 2 more pounds (that’s really due to eating too many sweets and not doing enough exercise). I love how accurate this is to my life right now. Nice article. A little suggestion, however: I’d say, maybe you could give a bit more evidence, maybe find a study that proves that lack of sleep affects weight gain? Other than that, I enjoyed reading it.

  5. dff5115

    I thought this article had a interesting topic of research. I think this argument could have been stronger if you had multiple studies besides just the one. The one question i have after reading this is, is weight gain caused by sleeping late directly or by eating late at night?

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