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There have been many debates on who has better orgasms male or female? So which one is better well…


According to Nature genetics might have an effect on a women’s climax. They also question if there is even a purpose to women even having orgasms since they don’t need it to give birth compare to men, who needs to orgasm to release the sperm to have a child. Many people think it’s to keep the women interested in sex and to find their partner. In the same article they mention that studies have shown that when a woman orgasms can help the percentage of having a child do to the contractions moving the woman egg closer to the sperm.


In Wiley Online Library and the Journal of Sexual Medicine they found that men reach climax more then women and it does not matter your sexual preference. For women, lesbians tend to have a higher rate of orgasms then straight or bisexual women but still not as high as men. According to the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, this could be caused be related by the duration of sexual interaction lasting longer then straight couples.


For these studies its hard to say which one is better due to many confounding variables in each article they talk about how the women are different and how different style of techniques and positions can affect women orgasms so everything is still unclear on who has a better orgasm and there needs to be more studies. But for orgasms it is left to the individual and what they prefer behind closed doors.

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  1. Daniel William Snyder

    I really liked this article as I have always wondered if sex was better for women or for men. This is an interesting topic and I think it should receive some more research to know fro sure. I also think scientists should investigate whether orgasms make you more attracted to a person and other factors they might cause. I thought this article on the topic was interesting:

    1. Jaier Vicente Avecillas Post author

      Thats very interesting, I think it does have some psychological affect. Its like when someone says I love you after sex and people are not sure its because the other orgasm or because they actually do find an interest in you.

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