Unseen Negatives Of Smartphones

Smartphones have become a part of our person, wherever we go it comes along and we grab it whenever it beckons. As it pertains to work you can easily get in touch with a colleague, boss, or consumer with just your fingertips however when does the separation between work and play insue. And while new platforms have opened the world to self expression and networking does the benefit outway the cost. The truth of the matter is simply this most of us are victims of the harmful effects of smartphones however they are not plain for the eye to see.


It is not hidden that nowadays entertainment requires a screen of some sort whether it be a tv laptop or camera, but with smartphones specially designed to feel comfortable in your hand that you can virtually take anywhere people typically confide in them. With the creation of smartphones along came back pain. A 2014 study published in Surgical Technology International offered evidence that texting can add up to an additional weight of 50 pounds on your back. By analyzing the stress of tilt on one’s neck in regards to their back Dr. Kenneth K. Hansraj presumably explained that people might as well carry a 7 year old on their backs. He was able to come up with this by calculating the weight of the head and stress of the spine relatively from the equilibrium point. That point being when your ears are over your shoulders and what we everyone likes to presume as good posture. He noticed the angle at which the neck angled had a significant role on the stress of your spine .

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Smartphones are perfectly designed to disrupt sleep:

Looking at your smartphone at night is like your mom telling you it’s time to wake up when your are about to go to bed. As we look to smartphones as a means of a beneficial in our life a highly regarded negative facet is its effect on sleep. In a 2012 poll that corresponded with 4,700 responders concluded younger people were more likely to say that they do not sleep as well because of their attachment to technology. This is largely impart by the “Blue Light”.


Blue Light: Coming most frequently from entertainment devices, it is the light that enacts special cells behind our brain to tell you it is time to wake up by suppressing our melatonin.


As your body gets tired it starts releasing a hormone called melatonin which is supposed to help you fall asleep and stay on a health circadian Rhythm. We can finally conclude the result of blue lights and sleep come from a study that consisted of participants being told to use devices either with blue light goggles, orange goggles (filters out blue light), or no goggles at all. The data provided enough substantial evidence that those who wore the orange goggles had higher melatonin rates than those who wore blue light goggles or those who wore nothing.



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Lose sight on the world: Constantly checking your phone out of ‘boredom’ just shows how engrossed you are in your phone. There are so many things around you but mindlessly you would rather see what your friends are doing instead of doing something yourself. The fallacy of reality as a social media and the actual reality has become a prominent issue in today’s society. Smartphones take away from the knowledge you gain from personal experience and makes you see the world as a different place.


In conclusion disregarding your phone altogether is senseless however these studies pertain to the reason of being careful of how you use it. Obviously phones are also very beneficial but the exibiting studies show evidence of their negative effects. The effects listed above or only a minuscule amount compared to what science has proved, remember to stay open minded, be rational, and do not be reading this blog right before you are about to go to bed.




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  1. Nicholas E Schneider

    Throughout this week I’ve had numerous exams to study for and projects to complete, so I’ve spent a ton of time working in the library. I like to listen to music when i study and i do most of my schoolwork on my laptop, so for the better part of the last three days I’ve been staring at a screen. When i went to bed a few nights ago i was experiencing significant pain in my neck and after wondering for awhile why i was in such pain i realized, my neck has been locked in the “carrying a 7 year old on my back” position mentioned in your article for days on end. Also, when I have gotten the chance to gets some sleep this week, I’ve wasted time i could spent getting some good sleep on my smartphone! After reading your article i plan to make a bigger effort to improve my posture while using electronics and to turn off my phone at night when it’s time for bed.

  2. Thomas Garvin

    I am really impressed by the content of your blog. You did a really good job addressing the indepth aspects of the data and forming your own conclusion. However, have you considered confounding third variables that may cause the change in posture? Heres a link describing the importance of posture and how to change potentially damaging behaviors: https://www.painscience.com/articles/posture.php

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