Why alcohol and holding in your pee is bad for you.

We have all held in our pee at some point in out lives, if we were young, at a concert or just waiting for the bathroom to be open. But is holding it in bad for you?


According to Business Insider a average human bladder can hold up to 600 mL and depends on your how well you are hydrated. Alcohol can also do damage to your bladder and actually in this case a woman’s bladder burst because alcohol slows your reactions and you don’t get the sign of holding in your pee and when you drink alcohol and its a liquid you have to go to the bathroom according  Health. In John Hopkins Medicine there are many things that can affect your muscles in your bladder and causes bowel problems it can help cause other infections and keep adding to your body.


In other research according to PubMed.gov over the past couple of years they have seen bladder ruptures around the age of 33 and it was due to alcohol. And with all this doctors now are warning patience to be careful when drinking alcohol because of these common cases.

So when you go out now know your limit, and be careful when you go out. You will never know what will happen.beer

8 thoughts on “Why alcohol and holding in your pee is bad for you.

  1. Brian Cunningham

    That’s pretty interesting. I never knew that about alcohol. It’s another danger that can be avoided if you’re conscious of it and act wisely. Since most people can usually pee when they don’t “have to” (rather, when they don’t feel it), it’d be good to be safe rather than sorry just by making a regular trip to the bathroom if you’re drinking, just for the sake of emptying out. It couldn’t hurt.

  2. Hannah Elizabeth Welty

    I easily have the smallest tolerence for holding my pee…ever. But I also have to pee all the time. It came to a point in high school where I was drinking so much water, I was peeing every period of the day. My 4th period geometry teacher in ninth grade put a limit on the number of times I could use the restroom each week causing me to hold my pee for nearly an hour. Could this be the current cause of my constant bathroom breaks? I think if I could pin it on anyone it would be my math teacher. Here is a very strange test to see if you have a strong bladder

  3. Anna Josephine Wisniewski

    I think this is a fairly relevant post for college students. A lot of times, the topic of “breaking the seal” comes up when consuming alcohol. It basically means that once you go, you can’t stop. I guess we should stop following that rule because of these bladder ruptures, especially in women. According to Women’s Health Magazine, women can hold it usually 3 to 6 hours. If it is done with alcohol consumption, that would most likely increase. To read more on it, you can check out the site: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/health/is-it-bad-to-hold-your-pee

  4. Emma Gaetana Lepore

    This blog is super interesting because it’s not what I am used to hearing about this topic. Everyone always says that with alcohol you should avoid going to the bathroom so you don’t quote on quote “break the seal”. I always thought that was absolutely ridiculous. If you haven’t heard that term before, check out this article that explains why that’s even a theory. At least it tells you that once you go you should keep going!


    1. Jaier Vicente Avecillas Post author

      Thats very interesting, I never heard that before. I feel like its always better to use the bathroom then holding it in. All that build up will harm your body even before you get to the point of rupture. bacterial problems and so on. It also depends on how much you drink if you drink a lot you would have to go to the bathroom more.

    2. ana5383

      ^^^ agreed. People claim that going to the bathroom after having a few drinks “breaks the seal”, and makes you lose your drunkenness. Holding in your bladder is definitely not healthy, and you should go when you have to go. When I was younger I used to hold in my bladder because I was too lazy to get up and go to the bathroom, and my mom would always yell at me to go to the bathroom!

  5. Madelyn Erin Peikin

    Thanks for sharing! I have always had a good bladder and don’t find myself having to pee every hour, like my sister does. The fact that you related it to alcohol is extremely interesting because I know it is extremely common for people to say “don’t break the seal” after drinking and having to pee while drinking. People have told me “breaking the seal” causes you to have to pee constantly while drinking, so they avoid it at all costs. After reading this article, however, I think people should be a lot more careful and care more about their health than “breaking the seal.”

    1. Jaier Vicente Avecillas Post author

      I agree with you, I never hear that term before and when I read it from Emma reply to my blog, I thought that was weird. If you have to go you gotta go.

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