Why Are My Ears Red and Hot?

Have you ever had your ears heat up and turn red out of nowhere? It’s a pretty common and annoying occurrence that the body picks up and lets pass unexpectedly. Although it is usually harmless and minor, there are many causes and influencing factors of red ears that you should know. I was glad to learn that these cases are diverse and benign, after sitting around and finally realizing it is something that always bugged me and went unexplained.


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Liivestrong.com discusses this symptom and its potential sources by going over weather exposure, emotions, and hormonal changes (Source 1). Cold and hot weather can cause your face to show a red color after exposure for a long time, your ears can blush and react emotionally similarly to your face, and hormonal changes and hot flashes can cause the flares of red to start in men and women (Source 1).

In another article, from epainassist.com, hot ears are addressed with similar causes on top of Red Ear Syndrome. This causes frequent red ears, pain, and itching that can overlap and be influenced by separate forces. Migraines, joint disorders, and spine disorders can all take part in red ear syndrome amongst many adults (Source 2). This came as another reminder to me that the body is connected and complex in so many different ways, and treating issues correctly does not always depend on knowledge of the obvious or damaged parts, but total knowledge of all associated areas and their relationship with it all.

I am both confused and interested by the unique degree that red and hot ears have when present in life today. It is something that has such an ambiguous and vague feeling, but it is still incredibly bothersome. And still, it is so harmless and safe to the point where we tolerate it while addressing its causes. Few ailments and occurrences on the body have such a classification and nature. Now every time I feel my ears and their burning warm weight, I will know it is okay and I am a living, functioning organism with many moving parts.





5 thoughts on “Why Are My Ears Red and Hot?

  1. Pengji Wei

    Hello Patrick. Great article. When i was young, my ears sometimes are heat up and red. That usually occurs when I get back home during the winter time. Like you said in the blog, the cold or hot weather can make our face turn red, and the ear will does the same thing. But when my ear start to heat up and become red, it feels really itchy and boring, so it is a rally annoying feeling. Like you said in the blog, these kinds of symptoms have no effect to our heath, it is just a annoying feeling. But I still want hope there is a way can relieve this symptoms, but as far as now, there are no effective treatment can let this symptoms go away. And here is a website has more information about the red ear syndrome.

  2. Claudia Lynn Hatch

    This was great! I have had this issues before and I always wondered what was going on. Sometimes I find my ear being itchy and red, and now I know why that is. It really is annoying and I think you did a great job of explaining the topic. A little more evidence could have been used, but I thought you did a good job overall. Check this article out!

  3. Angelica Marie Arguello

    This has always bugged me! I always knew the reason behind why my ears would get red because I have issues with my nerves, so I totally get you. Usually when I get nervous my face heats up and get sued as well as my ears…but it’s usually one ear which is weird. I think if you added some more background information the issue and maybe some evidence or studies that have been done you’d be good, Very interesting topic though, it happens to me but since it’s so minor I would have never though to write about it.

  4. Arunima Sthapak

    I found your blog topic to be particularly interesting. I had never given much thought to why our ears heat up. It was also interesting to find out that there are so many varying causes to something so normal. I think it might be a good idea to add some studies or experiments that helped scientists come to the conclusions you mentioned above. They can help explain the mechanism behind it.

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