Why so many college students starts to smoking

In recent years, people might notice that there are so many students start to smoking on campus. Even it is legal that college students smoking. But still, I am very curious about why there is so many student smoking even they know it is not good for their’s heathy.


According to the research, most of the students thinks they will not be smoking forever, they probably will not be smoking after they graduate from college. So it is not going to hurt their’s health. So these phenomenon are called social smoking, and it is really popular among the college students. Usually, the student who is social smoking are not heavy smokers, they will smoke when they are with their friends at a party instead of every day. So because of this, they think this will not affect their healthy, so more and more people will be a part of social smoking.

But for those heavy smokers, they are saying that smoke can help them lower the stress. Well, this statement makes sense, because college student is under a lot of pressure. But according to the research, these saying are wrong. It is just excuse for their’s psychological addictions. According to research; smoking is not going to lower someone’s stress instead of increasing the anxiety and pressure. So people tend to smoking a lot tend to have more anxiety than the people who does not.

Another reason is that students’ parents are smoking. So their kid is smoking too. Because to a kid, the biggest influence is their parents, so once the kids saw their parents are smoking, they will think it is normal. Also, some cigarets commercials will show that people who are smoking are cool. So after the student saw those commercials, they tend to imitate the commercials and trying to be cool. Here is link that show five reasons why teenagers tend to smoke.

Like we talked in the class, no matter what kind of cigarets or how often does people smoke, it is all bad for healthy, and it will increase the chance for people to get cancer. So it is better we should not smoking or smoke less.

4 thoughts on “Why so many college students starts to smoking

  1. jnb5450

    This was a very good and interesting post. Also, very relatable to students because you see people all around campus doing it. It was good to read all of the disadvantages of smoking, making me realize what could happen to my body. I know there are thousands of accurate studies out there that prove that smoking is just no good for your health. Here is a link from a medical center that just shows it even more: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/10566.php

  2. Cole Donald Rogers

    The evidence of smoking being a task picked up in college is very prevalent nowadays. In my personal experience I first saw this when my friends from the grade above me came back from their first semester of college. I was surprised when they calmly smoked cigarettes as if it was a typical thing to do. I have always been a firm believer to stay away from cigarettes and most of those I watch were the same way. I learned a lot from your blog especially the logistics of social smoking. This blog tied everything together pretty smoothly & showed a type of chain reaction going from one thing to the next. Continuing on the aspect of smoking is bad for you, here is an article with statistics that should creep in the back of your mind if you are ever tempted to smoke:
    Tobacco Facts and Figures

    1. Zachariah Watkins

      As someone who has friends and family who smokes I definitely see the allure of social smoking. When you are with a group of people and you begin to start talking about anything and everything while over a cigarette you become entranced by the conversations so much that maybe you think why not smoke while I talk and it is as you said it won’t affect them later in life, or so they think, so that is indeed another huge reason as to why people begin social smoking. Another factor to take into place is that most people more than likely have grown up with smokers and they have always had that deposition to cigarettes and they realize that their parents or cousins smoked so why couldn’t they smoke like their family? Interesting post for sure. Here is also a nice article by ABC that talks about smoking among college kids.


  3. Jon Shanfelder

    Every year scientists are building more and more evidence towards the conclusion that cigarettes are bad for your lungs. It was always a curiosity of mine as to why people, and especially teens who should know better, still smoke. It was interesting that you brought up the psychological aspect of college students who give the excuse that it is to reduce stress when it causes more stress. This makes me wonder if there is a better way we can get more teens and college students to not use cigarettes? Can we break this “it will relieve stress” stereotype by informing them that it does not reduce stress but increases it? https://smokefree.gov/challenges-when-quitting/stress-mood/stress-smoking

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