Why so many people people got cancer today

In the 21st century, the technology is developing at a rapid speed. And some of these technologies help people cured a lot of diseases. Let the people suffer less pain. But there is one disease that people is still trying to figure out and trying to cure it. This is cancer, which has a huge death percentage. According to the research, there are approximately 564,800 people died in the US in a year due to cancer, which means more than 1500 people per day. So what are the reasons that so many people got these deadly diseases in the world? And for now, can we cure cancers?no_cancer_by_kirneh001-d3judk8

I think the first reason cause the cancer is the air pollution. Because we are in the twenty-first century, and we need so many things from the factory. So when factory starts to produce things, the gas they exhausted are bad for people’s heath, and they put these gas directly into the sky. So people will keep exposing to these polluted air, and it gives people more chance to get the lung cancer. According to the world health organization.

Another reason is that the food we are eating can cause we get cancer too. In the world, everyone loves French fries, Hamburgers, and popcorn. And some people will eat it every day. But according to the research, these food are more likely to cause cancer than other food. Because after the food is deeply fried or processed through microwave, the chemicals  in the food will cause people to get cancer. So here is a question, can we avoid cancer by eating healthy food? The answer is no. Eat healthy will only lower the chance people will get cancer, it will not totally avoid it. Because in some areas, the water, and the soil is polluted too, so the food planted on that field usually contain heavy metal elements, which is also bad for people’s heath.

Another reason is that the technology we are using. In our home, we all have TV, Microwave, WIFI transmitter and our phone. So these things all has radiations, and these radiations can really cause cancers, especially the microwave. And some people saying that we should put our phone besides to our head or under our pillow while we are sleeping. Because it has the radiations. But these thing is still in debate, but it is for sure that this thing could affect our health. So we should use it properly and protect ourselves.

Like we talked in the class, there are many children also got cancer, which is really hurtful. So now it is the time to face these questions and find a cure in the future.

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  1. Cole Donald Rogers

    I, like many others, have in some way or another been affected by cancer. I typically read all I can about the subject because their is always more to know. I am glad I came across your article, for one, because I had no idea the food you ate could play a role in developing cancer and secondly it changed my perception. Little day to day things could tamper with the diagnosis and from what I concluded some reasons can not even be seen with the naked eye. Cancer is such a broad subject but to understand the realism of this disease here is an article that basically just provides jaw dropping and informative facts about cancer:
    Facts & Figures related to childhood cancer

  2. David Ross

    I enjoyed your article even though it made me skeptical about everything in my life since they all might cause cancer. I really found it interesting that the types of food we eat can influence whether we get a certain cancer or not. I always knew that inhaling a large fry from McDonald’s was unhealthy but I didn’t realize it could increase my risk of cancer! While you cited that some foods we eat today may increase our risk of cancer, other foods can actually help prevent getting cancer. http://www.aicr.org/foods-that-fight-cancer/ here are some examples of those foods.

  3. Bernarda Jarrin Alvear

    I found your post interesting, I noticed that you said that electronics may be plausible reasons for cancer. I was intrigued about this because I did a post about how cellphones may affect your sleep. Research showed that is could be causal to not having a good night sleep. I am very concerned about how cell phones or other electronics may be very harmful to us. Here is an article from US News that talks about how electronic devices affect our severely our health. It also talks about how these have negative effects on our sleep, education, and even on our social behaviors.

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