lets talk about sex…

Yup. Sex, an action that is usually frowned upon to the youth should actually be suggested.

gif Mean Girls coach carr you will get pregnant and die
 One in five american teenagers suffers from depression, this is a struggling time in almost everybody’s life due to emotional, social, and school related stress. This can then lead to anger issues, drug use, and even suicide. Almost 5,000 young people end their own lives each year making it the second leading cause of death for youth in college. I believe this problem could be solved with more confidence spread amongst this group.

According to a study conducted by students at Cornell and NYU, casual sex is good for your self esteem. They studied the sex lives of 371 undergraduate students by asking them to keep a journal for 12 weeks. People who partook in casual sex lowered their stress levels and had overall greater well-being. Note that his study may not have the most accurate data due to students who exaggerate their sex lives.

 Researchers from the University at Albany found that there is a negative correlation between semen exposition to women and depression. 300 women filled out questionnaires that measured their sexual behavior by asking for frequency and condom use. The study suggests that women who are exposed to semen have less depressive symptoms.
 Sex is a form of exercise so it will boost your cardio health,help you loose weight and make you live longer. It is also been proven to relieve pain. During an orgasm the body releases oxytocin along with endorphins and this combination is known to be a very powerful pain-killer. Basically sex can solve any problem so why not give it a shot?


Casual Sex Is Good for You, According to Your New Favorite Study

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