Why You Should Never Pop Your Pimples.


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I don’t break out, or so I thought… until three days ago.

The other day I looked in the mirror and cringed. I discovered a huge pimple on my chin just in time for a wedding that I am going to this weekend…perfect timing right? I never experienced popping a pimple and I hope I never do, but I picked this one and I have never seen my roommates yell faster at me than after I told them.

“You’re going to scar,” they said. “Don’t ever do that!.”

I didn’t know and now I have a giant scab on my face. I tried googling everything under the sun to get rid of it, but everything thus far has failed me… I’m just going to give it time and let it do it’s thing.

But this whole thing got me thinking- why do pimples scar? You would think that the cells recreate themselves and the skin would die off eventually creating new skin, but that’s not the case.

It turns out that it is very dangerous to pop pimples!

1.Doctor Julia Tzu advises that inflammation can become much worse than what the pimple already has if you pop it. With this scars can occur when the area is effected.

2. Scabs can be formed. Mental Floss explains how a scabs occurs, but scabs are harder to cover up than a pimple so do not pick at the acne.

3. Discoloration can occur. Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation-PIH is when the spot is darker than the skin around it.

4. Infection can occur. If your hands are dirty, you use a dirty tweezer (or whatever you use),etc. you are putting yourself at risk for an infection.

You are entirely taking a gamble (Or a chance!) When you pop a pimple.

X Variable- Pimple

Y Variable- Scar

Confounding Variable- How many times you’ve picked the pimple, if you keep touching the area, if you’ve used past things on the spot to remove the pimple, etc.

This experiment concludes that you will get a scar from picking a pimple- chances are the scar will be minute, but you can make it worse. It’s best to leave the pimple alone when you first see it on your face.

In this journal, people explain how acne scars can never fully go away, the results of a scar are permanent and can never fully disappear. Yes, the scarring can be minimal, but you will never have “perfect” skin ever again. This study was done after looking at lasers/how the skin is made up. By learning all of the ingredients in what you are using on your face, you can find what works and what doesn’t.

I would look at acne as both an experimental study because you can try a million home remedies/different medications or scrubs, etc., but it will take a while to learn what works on your skin and prevents future pimples from appearing on your skin.

I think people can watch acne appear and see it go away or reduce; you can see a scar clearly on a person’s face and you can see when a pimple is inflamed.

I think people cannot predict when they are going to break out or if they’re going to wake up to a pimple on their face in the morning, but they can use preventable ingredients to lessen the looks of the pimples.

Why would anyone want to risk ruining their skin permanently??? Next time you think about popping a pimple, take a step back and think about your face.


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5 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Pop Your Pimples.

  1. Daniel J Lehecka

    I used to have really bad acne and now I have some scarring, so this blog post was interesting to me. Also, it was super wlel done so kudos on that. What I can say is that I didn’t pop my pimples whenever I could help it, but I think that scarring will happen either way. I used the medicine Accutane to help clear up my breakouts, and while it helped I think the speed at which it works didn’t allow time for my skin to recover. I consider it a miracle drug because I haven’t had a pimple since I was on it, but there are some side effects. But yeah I think popping pimples is one of the worst ways to get rid of them, because all you’re really doing is breaking the skin surface and still leaving all the bacteria inside. This article (http://theacneproject.com/bad-bacteria/) describes what those bacteria area and why it’s so complicated to kill them, and why it’s even more harmful to just leave them after you’ve popped the pimple.

  2. Maura Katherine Maguire

    Really great post. I can honestly say this is one of my fears. My dad growing up had terrible acne problem that later lead to scars. Ever since I was a young girl my dad has drilled in my head not to pick at pimples. The bacteria on our hands along with the harm of popping can lead to some permeant damage. Fortunately I have been exposed to this since a young girl but hopefully this post opened the eyes of some who were unaware of this problem.

  3. Jacob Alexander Loffredo

    Awesome log post, especially for the fact that I tend to have many acne problems… I could remember back to as early as the 7th grade being embarrassed to walk through the halls of school because of all the acne on my face. I tried many ways to get rid of it such as proactive, medicines, and most destructively popping. I could not agree with the the 4 dangers of popping pimples that you stated in your blog any more; nothing good ever comes out of going the route of popping the pimple. I have poppe pimples many times and have scaring all over my face now as well as what it seems to be very bad skin. Here is a article from Livestrong.com talking as you did on the many affects of popping pimples that many people don’t realize like disease for instance. Overall, as you said, it is not worth ruining your skin over a pimple that eventually will go away on its own, a thing I did to help rid the acne was changing my diet which truly made a big difference.

  4. Jessy Severino

    I found this blog post to be very interesting. I never knew the dangers of picking at your face when we have a pimple. I did not know that we can scar our face from popping a pimple.I found this article that talks a little bit about why we shouldn’t pop our pimples. http://www.facingacne.com/pop-pimples/ Honestly I didn’t think it was a big deal when people touched their face but we have so much germs in our hands that it can harm our skin permanently.

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