Big Hands? Big Feet?

I understand that this might have been a risky/uncomfortable topic to research, but after hearing people claim that if a guy has big hands or big feet, he definitely has got it big down there too, I was honestly curious. I have heard numerous people say these things for years, and I guess I never took the time to actually figure out whether or not what they were saying was true. Before even researching my topic, I stopped to think about what I thought the results would be. Honestly, I don’t see how everything can be related. I think you’ve either got it or you don’t—no matter what size your hands and feet are. But obviously, this blog would be incomplete without research to back up my hypothesis.

So, is it true? Does the size of a male’s hands and feet determine how big he is? Here, the null hypothesis would state that the size of men’s hands and feet has no correlation to how big they are. The alternative hypothesis would state that the size of a man’s hands and feet does relate to how big they are.

As I was doing research, I came across an article that mentioned one of the Republican debates. Marco Rubio had insulted Donald Trump by claiming he was small because he had extremely tiny hands. Upon all of my research, however, I found that Marco Rubio’s comments had no real meaning because there is no proven evidence that men with small hands/feet are also small in that region. Debby Herbenick, a sex researcher at Indiana University stated that there have been conflicting results about whether or not the idea is true.

Although there did not seem to be a clear relationship between the two variables, another hypothesis was proposed as I was doing my research. Apparently, if a man’s index finger and ring finger are mismatched, they are more likely to be bigger. South Korean researchers working in a team from several universities did studies on this topic and examined data from 172 men who were in the hospital for urology surgery. During the study, the lengths of the men’s fingers and the size of their testes were individually measured. As results from the study, the men with ring fingers larger than their index fingers were, in fact, bigger. The study also concluded that the men with different size index/ring fingers were more likely to be fertile.

Although I did not think there was a chance that anything in a man’s hands or feet could be related to other parts of his body, I turned out to be wrong, according to various studies performed. Of course, there could be errors in the studies performed, but all of them seemed to have similar results. I am still hesitant to believe some of the studies I have just read about, but I guess I have been proven wrong!





2 thoughts on “Big Hands? Big Feet?

  1. Trae Vann Morgan-White

    For some reason, I had a feeling this would be discussed. I’m not sure how to feel about this post, based on the topic, but I do believe the delivery of this post is well-organized with studies and explanations. I like that you included the null and alternative hypothesis. Well done.

    1. Zachary Morris

      As a 20 year old male, I’ve been hearing this saying forever! I’m so glad someone finally addressed it! First and foremost, I thought this article was very well written and had good substance. I liked that you went a step further, to see if there was ANY relationship between hand/feet size and size of other male parts, rather than just calling it a day after disproving the old saying. I think you’re findings are interesting and while this topic isn’t one to get personal about. . . you’ve left me looking at my hands. Here’s a funny article related to your topic and the whole Trump/ Rubio scene:

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