Myron Ebell, Climate Change Denier, for the EPA !


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if you voted for Donald Trump, thats great. If you voted for Hillary or Joan Stine, I have terrible news for you. the incoming President has chosen a man named Myron Ebell, wanted in Paris for “destroying our future” by a french climate change advocacy group. now, it doesnt matter if you voted republican or democrat of even for Harambe, we all live in this earth and climate change is an issue that concerns literally all of humanity. when your town is flooded or has a hurricane, its not going to care if your a republican. when the wind blows and storms and massive heat or massive cold strikes large parts of this country, its going to be too late to do anything. this is a massive issue for many people who advocate more protection for the planet. and the name Myron Ebell should terrify you more than anything you have read in the past two years. as we all know, the Paris Climate Agreement, an already insufficient accord, was signed by the Obama administration last year. John Kerry, his secretary of state, brought his own granddaughter to the singing of the accord in the United Nations general assembly. the message he tried to convey was that he is doing this to protect  the future generations, including his own family.

as sweet and symbolic that was, the future of the accord  is in serious jeopardy, not because Trump and Ebell can exist the agreement, but because they can remain in it and not abide by it, which would be even more dangerous. I was watching Leonardo DiCaprio’s exquisite documentary on Global Warming, where he shows viewers the effects of this issue that are happening already and will get much worse. so Myron Ebell is sort of the last thing we need, why ? because he is a consistent denier of the whole thing. he persistently attacks scientists and researches and advocates for climate action. like his boss, he even went after the pope for talking about it. his vision for the future is as scary as anything I personally know about the next 4 years.

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  1. Hugo Almeida

    Though the election results were very hectic and your blog is relevant to such, this post needs a bit more science in it. Yes, Myron Bell may be in charge of the future of EPA, but this could use further analysis of articles, studies, and statistics. You should defend your stance on his representation by citing global warming studies and articles, such as this one, , which quantifies global temperature with human activity/carbon footprint. You could also look into the different correlations that are associated with EPA occupation stance with global warming graphs. Global warming is a huge topic within our entire world, as we had a scholarly representative talk to our class, but this post needs a little more factual information backed by sources with evidence.

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