Are GMO’s Actually Bad for You?

GMO’s are a popular topic in today’s society. GMO’s are genetically modified organisms that are added to certain foods to make them taste better  They are known to produce more delicious tasting foods, meanwhile being environmentally friendly. But what about being body friendly? Why are GMO’s harmful to the body? Let’s look into some reasearch.

This study was performed by scientists at the National Institute of Toxicological Research in Korea and at Harvard University by Megan L. Norris. The study was a randomized control trial. They fed rats a genetically modified potato that contained a gene called the “bar” gene or a normal potato without the GMO gene. They measured to see if the GMO potato would have the same effects on consumer health. They used female and male rats, and studied their organs and tissues after they died. Nothing happened to the tissues or organs of that rats after they consumed the GMO potato.

Now, three years later a different group performed a study on rats, but used a GMO tomato and a GMO sweet pepper. The null hypothesis is that the rats would eat the GMO food and nothing would happen. The alternative hypothesis is that the rats would eat the GMO food and something would happen. The rats were split into 4 different groups (GMO tomato, non-GMO tomato, GMO pepper, non-GMO pepper). The rats were fed way over the average amount a human would consume daily. The study lasted for 30 days and as a result they still found no differences in health of the rats. Based on these studies we can accept the null hypothesis.

If this study was done on humans it would be unethical. However, we know rats are animals that resemble human responses. Because there is little documented evidence that GMO foods are potentially toxic, it is hard for us to believe that GMO’s are harmful to the body. There is a lack of evidence, however, this does not mean there is not evidence out there that could make us believe GMO’s are bad for your health.


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