Do you really need to drink water?


The best thing to ask someone who has a headache is, How much water have you had today? It seems almost pointless to ask but studies have shown that many common cures to minor body issues are water related.

A recent longitudinal study ranging from 2009 through 2012, featuring participants from the age of 18 to 64 were followed over the 4 year period, the particpants were then weighed and had the BMI measured. The study used urine analysis as well to determine other water ingestion. The results suggested that participants that had drank more water had lower BMI’s. Notably this study is has many correlations to other studies that find similar results. Variables however might not have been measured as well with these studies but the longitudinal study proved to have a national representative sample. Along with adequate samples, the study was conducted well by using controlled groups and 3rd party variables had been accounted for. There is a possibility that the results had been due to chance, that being only because no other study had been conducted in such detail.

Another informative study that references the journal biological chemistry, claims that the human body is 60%, and in order to control and account for proper functioning, the adult body must consume roughly 2.2-3 liters of water daily. It is mentioned that water consumption is not only consumed by liquid but it is done in food as well. Without adequate water consumption the body can’t regulate body temperature, flush body waste, or even aid in proper digestion, which could lead to major health hazards.


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Finally, all three the studies reported that water consumption is vital to your health and is responsible for maintaining a properly function body. In all studies, participants were properly measured and controlled, and though there is always chance in any aspect of science, the correlation between a healthy body and an unhealthy body could be as easy as filling up your cup. Water obviously can’t account for all health issues of people but for proper function, water alone plays a key role in staying alive.


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