Does Alcohol Actually Help Your Health?

alcoholContrary to my previous post, articles have been published dismissing the correlations between moderate alcohol consumption and increased health. There have been numerous studies claiming that there is a relationship between moderate alcohol consumption and increased health, but the results of these studies aren’t necessarily accurate.

A published finding done by a team of researchers found that these previous studies and meta-analyses were heavily manipulated in design and characteristics. The major problem was that the researchers had compared moderate drinkers with people who abstained from drinking alcohol without taking third variables into account. These third variables included health issues and previous brushings with substance abuse, meaning that the comparison between drinkers and non-drinkers was faulty, because they didn’t take into consideration the possibility that moderate drinkers were already healthier than non-drinkers. Not only this, but studies linking an increase in health and moderate drinking failed to account for the economic standings of the different groups of people. Moderate drinkers are more likely to belong to a higher economic class, meaning they probably have more access to health benefits than non-drinkers (of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all moderate drinkers belong to higher economic classes, they’re not mutually exclusive). In reality, researchers found that the people who had the best lifespan were people who only drank occasionally- meaning they consumed less than one drink per week.

With these findings, it’s easy to see that the claims that moderate alcohol consumption improves health are falsifiable. Mostly because these studies weren’t done correctly and didn’t take into consideration third variables, which makes me wonder how they were published in the first place if they were alcohollldone incorrectly. These studies show that if there actually is a correlation between moderate drinking and increased health, it’s probably due to something besides alcohol. Realistically, the best way to improve your health is through adopting a healthy lifestyle, preferably one that has little to no alcohol consumption.

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  1. Annalise Marie Pilitowski

    I found this post very interesting to read. I never believed that moderate drinking was good for your health, but I have however been seeing all over social media sites such as Facebook that drinking a glass of wine everyday has many health benefits. Upon reading your research I have still held true to my opinion that there is no connection between alcohol consumption and increased health. However, I did do a little research on drinking a glass of wine everyday and found this which mentioned how different studies have proven increased health in some aspects that are beneficial. However, everything can be okay for you in moderation.

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