Frozen People

As a huge mark for both Futurama and American History I have always wanted to visit the famed hall of presidents from the show. The ironic fact is that I started this post President Nixon’s f head made a funny comment on the television. One common futuristic technology that we see in many television shows is the ability to freeze people and bring them back to life hundreds or even thousands of years in the future. This led me to research the existing science on the matter. This Study  trained nematodes  to recognize smells in a certain manner. After freezing the nematodes, the nematodes recognized  the smell and in the same way that they were trained to do so. So it can be concluded that some species are capable of successful freezing. The issue that humans face is that extreme tissue damage takes place during the thawing process, not always as successful or funny as the following video.

This risky experiment has successfully transferred human organs into other species of animals, along with appendages of the human body. This can possibly move us into the future with the science to fully use cryogenically frozen body parts instead of the chilled ones used currently. This can change the world of “the harvest”(which is the single most cringeworthy medical term in history) referring to the taking of an organ donor’s useful body parts. This can give medical professionals more time to conduct the transplant to the needed patient, and more of a supply that can possibly save more lives.

This technology, of course, does not come without its fair share of obstacles. This informative article regarding the science done on the topic refers to the cause of death as a major obstacle that needs to be taken into consideration, due to that it may be impossible to fix the harm done that led to the subject being killed in an instance such as a car accident. Also cryogenically frozen brain function studies have not been conducted since the 1970s, which leads me to conduct the  argument that parts of this possibly history changing technology suffers from the file drawer problem.

Technology has come a long way since those experiments were conducted, especially in the medical and genetic fields. For example, Dolly the Sheep was cloned in 1996, a futuristic technology in the minds of people in the 70s. If ethical and scientific barriers can be jumped I believe it can be one of the most beneficial discoveries in human history. The science should be revisited and replicated, which is the true goal of scientific experiments.

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  1. Patrick Winch

    Michael- your blog post reminded me of something (not very scientific) that I have been seeing on TV recently. You might’ve seen commercials, but there is a new movie coming out called “Passengers” about two people who wake up from hibernation 90 years too early while on board a space craft to another planet. This article I found explains the possibility of the topic of human hibernation- which is somewhat similar to your post.

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