Study suggests college students are creeps!


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According to a study from Huffington post 90% of people like to creep, especially on their ex! The articles main focus was on a study that had been conducted by a grad student from Western Ontario thesis. The 50 question survey was distributed to 107 people ages 18-35, notably 74% of the participants were college students. The study only required have a breakup within the past 12 months. The Study pointed out several statistic making claims, like posting pictures specially to make their ex jealous, and even attempts to look up ex’s new or current partner. Although this study most likely has a lot of factual claims to it, without conclusive evidence, its hard to say if these stats are accurate.

Assuming the study was well conducted, it would be presumed that participants had been controlled, 3rd confounding variable were accounted for and there was no chance in revers causation. Sadly, the survey questions were not disclosed publically. However in researching other creeping study’s, the results weren’t to far off from the small study from the post. This study found that there were physical reactions associated with particular social media outlets, on specific images and on those sights had a psychological affect on the brain. The findings from the study supported the hypothesis, in other words, creeping lead to a positive state of mind experience.


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Another study suggests that the main reason people creep is very clear, it is for relationship status and uncertainty. Not to mention that the action itself is highly addictive.

Needless to say, though these studies show that body chemistry is the key component, there are many variables that are hard to account for as to why people love to creep. The studys suggest controlled samples and appear to be well conducted, but probability and chance are things that are harder to account for. For college students, it wouldn’t be a surprise as to why they have the highest rates of creeping. A simple fact for that would be social media having a great impact on your social well being, most students are accustom to working the internet in their favor versus someone in there 60’s. So although students are the number one creepers, the variables seem that they would sku the date if samples are collected for and controlled. So creep on creepers.


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3 thoughts on “Study suggests college students are creeps!

  1. Candace Burke

    I found this post very interesting ! You did a good job finding information on the studies and relating them to each other. I noticed you mentioned that stalking is “addictive” and I was wondering if in your research you found out as to why. Overall I really enjoyed your post!

  2. Taylor M Lender

    I am glad you chose to write about this topic, because the addiction is real. Personally, I do not use Facebook, but I see my friends fall into the rabbit hole that is Facebook creeping. Most likely, my friends have been mad at the person they are stocking and are looking for things to make fun of the person. I know that this is just a personal story, but I think it is important to note that this toxic behavior happens a lot.

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