The Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory (Part II)

*This is a continuation of “The Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory (Part I),” which can be found here.

Because the United Nations banned the use of weather modification for warfare and the lack of scientific evidence found, we can discard the credibility of claims that the government is deliberately trying to poison people through the release of toxins in the air.  This leaves us with our second possible outcome: “chemtrails” are intentionally created for weather modification motives. The main purpose seems simple enough, increasing local water supplies in different regions across the United States; cloud seeding is thought to create rain in drought periods, thus helping areas and communities that are greatly affected by a dry environment.

To a normal person, this weather modification outcome seems like the most logical reason as to why the government would intentionally create “chemtrails.” However, some people have demonstrated concern and have outright accused the government of purposefully causing harm to people. To try and tackle the issue at hand, the United States Senate’s Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation published a 740-page report (1) on weather modification. The report details the process of weather modification and its purpose, as well as the negative claims made against weather modification. Page 403 of the report includes statements from the Tri-State Weather Association, where in an article they argue that in regions of Pennsylvania, “When effects of seeding wear off, cloudbursts occur, causing floods, destroying crops, buildings, and drowning people as well as livestock.” This statement does not have any solid basis, and cloud seeding’s credibility is facing a decline.

This correlation between weather modification and negative consequences have caused some people to think that the government is conducting this practice for malicious reasons, such as drowning people and livestock (we also saw this with the lithium claims in Part I). But the uncertainty that surrounds weather modification have made these claims invalid. Scientists have not been able to prove that cloud seeding is as effective as was once thought. One study analysis-rainfallconducted by Dr. Noam Halfon, Prof. Pinhas Alpert, and Prof. Zev Levin of the Department of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences of Tel Aviv University published new findings on the effectiveness of cloud seeding in Israel. After analyzing rainfall measurements after periods of cloud seeding in a specific spot of northern Israel (Sea of Galilee), they concluded that increases in rainfall were only due to chance. Because they found that more rainfall was only due to changing weather patterns, they could rule out the possibility of cloud seeding impacting rainfall.

With the research conducted and the evidence found, we can rule out the thought of the government intentionally producing biological warfare. On the contrary, most of the “chemtrails” we see in the sky are the result of weather modification (2). Although this process was created to benefit the public such as in cases of extreme drought, it is believed to have negative consequences on agricultural practices and human health. This leads people to link negative occurrences with cloud seeding, which has not even been proven 100% effective. Again, just as we saw with the lithium, this hypothesis is non-falsifiable. Ultimately, the “chemtrails” we see might be due to weather modification, but the negative outcomes associated with this practice do not have solid evidence; therefore, the claim that the government is using weather modification as a means to harm people is non-testable and, consequentially, just a theory.

TL;DR: The ice trail left behind by airplanes is called a contrail and it can either fade away or expand. The dispersed version, a “chemtrail,” is mainly used for weather modification. Although weather modification can have negative outcomes (such farmer income loss due to flooding), the government is probably not out to murder you.

(1) Read the text version here.
(2) Of course, we should always keep in mind that dispersed contrails can be caused by things other than biological warfare and weather modification; these thirdvariables* can include a plane’s altitude and humidity levels.

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