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There have been stories and news reports of “people turning into zombies” after the use of bath salts. This isn’t the first time that the news has reported a terrible story due to the use of a drug. Stories start in 1914 when under the use of cocaine, and there were “LSD murders” in the 1960s”. Recently there has been reports of a “zombie drug” which is a bath salt that is called “Flakka”.  Flakka is a synthetic drug which is really called alpha-PVP- which is a potent synthetic cathinone. This new drug is a more potent methamphetamine and has side effects of paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations.

If you recall there was a news story in 2012 of a zombie running in the streets naked and eating the face off a homeless man. The attacker (Rudy Eugene) was shot on site, and the homeless man was left blind and disfigured. However, he did know have any bath salts found in his system from the toxicology report. From these attacks from reported “zombies”, they didn’t have any bath salts in their system. The media has been actually using these stories to try and scare people from trying the new drug.

Attempting people not to use the drug by over exaggerating news stories is not the way to go about this. By doing this, we could create 1 of 2 situations. For first time users who are experienced in drugs, will most likely disregard the warning of the dangers of the drug. And then it could lead a bad stigma to those who do use it .These kinds of stories have been catching the medias attention substantially. These stories have made national news multiple times and are catching the attention of parents and kids. This is not the best thing because this is making it so that more people are becoming aware of the new drug and its existence.

This is a perfect example of the media portraying the situation in a incorrect manner. They are clearly stating that the suspect was on drugs, when the toxicology report said that there was no drugs in the man’s system.

So what is causing all of these episodes of people eating other people? The answer is we don’t know. One of the first thing police do when they reach a crime scene is look for a motive. Here, there was no motive, so the police deem it as “I don’t know”.  It will be interesting to see if there really is a cause to these cannibal incidents. For all we know, it could be random and just be weird occurrences for people who have gone insane.

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