Man’s Best Friend

Anytime I’m with my dog, I instantly feel so happy and loved. Whenever I’m having a bad day, sitting and snuggling with my dog will always make me feel better. I think most people with dogs, or any pet, can understand the special bond that forms between pets and their owners. Even now, when I am away from my dog, whenever my mom sends a picture of my dog at home I get a feeling of joy and happiness. This made me start to think, maybe having a pet could have major mental and physical health benefits for people.

I decided to do further research on this idea and I found an article that explains how dogs, or any pet, can improve your overall health. The article shares a study performed by the American Heart Association that found many different health benefits linked to having a pet. Owning a pet is linked to a reduced risk of getting heart disease (Help Guide). Pets have also been proven to help people with anxiety and stress. One study found that playing with your pet increases the amount of dopamine and serotonin, which will make you feel more serene and relaxed. One major point the article makes is that having a pet can be therapeutic in that it takes the place of the human need for touch and contact with others.

There could be many different factors and third variables that cause all of these links between owning a pet and becoming overall healthier. As f right now, there is still no concrete evidence of pets directly causing a link to make people become healthier. However, from personal experience, I can say that having a pet dog has really made me feel overall happier and less stressed whenever I’m around her.


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  1. Hugo Almeida

    I love the topic choice but to cover it well your blog needs a-bit more. You used a reputable source which is good but try furthering your research to more than just one article. Also expanding the topic in different areas would be interesting and would provide you with more relevant information to discuss considering it comes off a bit superficial with the length and depth. I personally have two dogs and completely agree with you but maybe approach a counter position as well, maybe potential risks of owning an animal. Here: , are several ways your health can be endangered by owning an animal. Expanding in ways like this will definitely improve any of your future blogs .

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