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I’m sure everyone is aware that phones have become a bit of an epidemic in our society. Everyone has a smart phone and everyone is constantly doing something on their phone. Don’t get me wrong, cell phones are great, and the new technology we have now is very helpful. However, it seems like we are getting to invested in our phones. Between texting people, checking Instagram and all the other apps that people are constantly using, we are spending a very large amount of time on our phones. Personally, I am on my phone a lot too. I am always either responding to a text or checking twitter (I’ve probably checked my phone about three times already while writing this). It doesn’t seem to matter what I am doing, I will always have to take frequent breaks to check something on my phone. This started to get me wondering if I was addicted to my phone, or if that is even possible. I find that I check my phone almost out of habit, even if I didn’t get a message I will often unlock my phone just to look at something. It’s almost out of habit. I decided to research to see if people can be addicted to their phones.

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Ira Hyman says that we can be addicted to our phones. Most people have a very hard time being without their phones and not using them when they do have it. A study was done by Atchley and Warden to test this theory. Students were given an option to receive a small amount if they responded to a text right away, or a larger amount of money if they waited a while. Most of the students decided to text right away and take less money. This showed that texting was more important than getting more money. Studies have also found that students will interrupt an activity they are doing, even if it is really important, just to check their phone. I think this shows that people are addicted to their phones, at least a little bit. People weren’t even willing to part with their phone for a short time even though a reward was offered to them.

People are definitely becoming addicted to their phones, and it seems to be getting worse rather than better. With all the new apps and social media that we have today, it is hard to not be constantly on our phones. There is just too much going on. I feel myself constantly wanting to check my phone, even in bad situations. If I feel my phone vibrate during a test I have the urge to check it even though I know I would get in trouble. Luckily I am not at the level yet where I do check my phone during tests. I think that all the ne social media and technology is great and beneficial to us, but we should all try to stop using our phones so much, especially when we are doing something important.

3 thoughts on “Addicted to your phone

  1. Grace Anne Walker

    In the 21st century its hard to go far without using your phone or any other type of technology. I wrote a blog post that you should check out if your interested. It described how cell phone use can distract pedestrians while they are walking and how this can cause accidents. To help myself stay off my phone I sometimes turn it off for an hour. Heres a link with ways to beat mobile addiction!

  2. Raegan S Pechar

    I am definitely guilty of being dependent of my phone, unfortunately. It’s almost as if I just subconsciously need to check it, even if I know that nothing important is waiting for me on the other end. It’s like an annoying tick, honestly. Sometimes I try to turn my phone off for the entire night, just to take a break from the internet cloud, and focus on what is right in front of me. Here’s an article that gives steps to combating your phone addiction:

  3. John Rutledge

    See, I am aware that I am addicted to my phone, I have come to terms with the addiction, but hey, could be worse. Whenever I don’t have my phone with me its almost like I feel naked or exposed. I guess its a sense of security having my phone with me. I really liked your post though and it made me think to just turn my phone off for a certain amount of time every day. Then increase that time by 1-5 minutes every day. Almost like weening myself off.

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