Are E-Ciggarettes as bad as smoking

Many of my friends like to smoke but in distinct way. Some of them like to use vape pens or Electronic cigarettes and others are cigarette smokers. For me I’ve always found smoking to be bad for a person but everyone has their own preference and chooses what they want to do in life. It has caught my attention that recently I’ve been seeing a lot of people using the vape pens as an alternative for smoking you see a lot of college students turning using vape pens.

On social media and even in the news the vape pens are shown to be the new thing and that they are better then cigarettes because they don’t have any side effects or have any effects on the body. I’m not convinced so I decided to do research on this.

In a journal article by Janet Raloff and Beth Mole of Science news for students. They talk about how that scientist have found that in studies that have been done E-cigarettes in fact aren’t harmless. Chemicals in E-cigarettes  damage tissue in the lung this can cause a reduction in the ability of the lungs to keep out germs and other harmful chemicals or substances.

That being said there have been studies done in regards to electronic cigarettes and them causing harm but this is not enough to say that electronic cigarettes aren’t safe; they don’t have nicotine in them which is what cause smoking addiction because all that is in theme is flavored liquids and that turns into vapor.


6 thoughts on “Are E-Ciggarettes as bad as smoking

  1. Christopher Joseph Kiefer

    I was surprised to find out that e-cigarettes and vape-pens were not regulated by the government. When health concerns are associated with something like e-cigarettes I would feel safer using the product if I knew there was at least some sort of quality requirement. With no regulatory oversight, I am hesitant to use the product. Here is an post about tobacco control:

  2. Alexandra Paxton

    Most of my friends who do smoke E-Cigarettes or vape criticize others for smoking cigarettes claiming that it’s not even remotely the same thing and E-cigarettes and vaping aren’t bad for them. After reading this my suspicions were correct and I’m not surprised there is harm done. Obviously smoking cigarettes is much worse than the alternatives, but quitting everything all together just seems to be the smartest option. However I do support using E-cigarettes and vapes to ween people off of smoking cigarettes. Tobacco addiction is a very tricky subject and in that case I think alternative ways to smoke are less damaging.

  3. Marvin Barnhill

    By avoiding tabacco products most people would think they are benefitting by using these alternatives. Its very eye opening to imagine the habit is still detrimental to health even with the switch to a healthier option. reports that the recency of developments and approvals of E cigarettes have not allowed for extensive research on the topic, leaving many users oblivious. The article also breaks down the effects of different kinds of smoking alternatives.

  4. mzm6020

    I am totally on your side when it comes to the “health benefits” of smoking an E cig or vape. There have been numerous studies that show that vapes can also be a gateway into cigs. While the purpose of vapes and e cigs are for an alternative to cigs, vapes and e cigs have people on cigs a lot of the time. As an anecdotal evidence, my friend in Florida attempted to quick cigs by converting into vaping. After a year, my friend is now doing both and he has not stopped smoking cigs. Maybe it is just me, but I have yet to see a vape or e-cig work the way it is supposed to. Here is a link for the dangers of vaping!

  5. Taylor M Stewart

    This post is so ironic, and relatable. Many people (like myself) wouldn’t dare smoke a cigarette but would vape or do hookah. I think it’s fun and looks cool on Snapchat lol. But what makes these things seem more okay, and cigarettes out of the question when they are all the same? Very interesting topic.

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