Are Horoscopes True?

We all have likely seen the online horoscopes that seem to be describing us as if they know us. Could it be because the stars actually have aligned and people have interpreted what that means for the other people in their birth range? Does this stuff have any merit at all? How can we be sure that it’s not just a marketing gimmick and people playing with our psyche? This Clinical Psychology Journal study I found about horoscopes says that they are indeed true because they focus their efforts of acceptance of these astrological phenomena on specificity. It uses natal astrology (the part of astrology that’s about making judgments about someone’s personality) to pinpoint generally good things that most people can apply a particular experience in their life to or fits into what they already perceive of themselves.

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For example, today’s horoscope for a Capricorn (just because my birthday is Dec. 25th) would be something along the lines of: “Many people are impressed with what you have accomplished, not only your friends and family but your bosses and supervisors as well. They are looking to see if you are ready to bump to the next level or promotion. You are confident in yourself and know that it would be well deserved of both their consideration and admiration. Once the you receive your promotion (soon), enjoy it and unwind a little. This is something you have earned and are deserving of.” This sis so basic and broad that it can apply to someone that isn’t a Capricorn; in fact, anyone with a decent work ethic and outlook on themselves/life could have this apply to them. This article takes a deeper look into the rationality behind horoscopes and their validity.

Inversely, these same horoscopes that seem to have great words of wisdom from the stars above about the alignment in your life and all these affirmation of who you are can actually be just for entertainment. The Zodiac and Entertainment gives us a glimpse into this. With all these different sources of horoscopes for daily, weekly, and monthly zodiac signs, one can only wonder if there is actually a way for all these sources to say different things on the same day (and all prove accurate). The question the arises of which source has a more accurate depiction of what the horoscope should actually be in accordance with the starts and zodiac signs.

A critique of this is that horoscopes are much too broad and vague. The horoscopes seem to operate under the premise that a vague application can then be applied to a multitude of people based on their personal conceptualizations and experiences. In order for the hypothesis that “horoscopes are true” to be true, there is a strong reliance on the dependent variable – self conceptualization. If someone doesn’t have a positive view of themselves, they are likely not to identify with horoscope. The unchanging independent variable is the horoscope itself. After digging around a little more, another student that took this class in Fall of 2013 came to similar conclusions that I did.

In conclusion, the truth behind horoscopes are dependent upon the self-conceptualization of the person reading the horoscope. The best scenario is that someone has a positive view of themselves and the world for the horoscope to likely apply to them. They also need to have lived experiences that relates somewhat to the broad statements within horoscopes. Some see them as valid, and others see them as just entertainment. Either way, horoscopes are given as much attention and weight as we individually choose to bestow upon them.

4 thoughts on “Are Horoscopes True?

  1. Bliss Forest

    A fun fact about me, is that I’m an astrologer and have seriously studied astrology for the past 2.5 years.

    To answer the question, are horoscopes true? No.
    The main point about astrology I try to get across, is that horoscopes try to predict the future based off of what sign the sun was in when you were born. It doesn’t work like that. Especially when the monthly horoscopes are being written by whatever astrology enthusiast took over at Cosmopolitan.

    I do readings for people all the time. I cannot predict the future (that actually gets very complex and mathematical.) However, if a person gives me their birthday (day, month, year), their exact location of birth, and the exact time they were born, I can give them a scarily accurate read of their personality.

    What all this information does, is give me a snapshot of our galaxy at the time of birth (relative to location), and tells me where all the planets are.

    When someone says zodiac sign, they’re referring to their sun sign. No one is just one sign.

    For a basic read, i tell people:
    – Their Sun (this is your personality, your ego, the way you do things)
    – Their Moon (This is what rules us emotionally, what sign a person’s moon falls in tells us how they react and cope with emotional situations.)
    – Their ascendent-or rising sign. (This is the mask we wear to the rest of the world, how we carry ourselves, our public face.)

    To go more in depth, you can look at astrological houses (there are 12, each is responsible for ruling a different area of the persons life.
    Each planet also controls a different part of a person.

    Sun Personality, ego, the way you do things
    Moon Emotions, your moods, your inner self
    Mercury Mind, communication, written and spoken word
    Venus Love, beauty, luxury & attraction
    Mars Drive, power, energy
    Jupiter Luck, growth, wisdom
    Saturn Discipline, fears, and challanges
    Uranus Change & Originality
    Neptune Illusion, dreams, creativity
    Pluto Power, Transformation (deep stuff)

    Anyway, clearly I could go on for a long time. If you do want to learn about astrology, I write a blog devoted to it,

  2. Savannah Stalnaker

    I found this very interesting! I’m a Capricorn myself (happy early birthday by the way!) and have always loved horoscopes for their dumb fun. However, I have a point to raise. There could be some legitimacy behind the belief that the time you are born affects your personality. This isn’t due to stars or planets, but rather how the Earth is at certain times throughout the year.
    It isn’t an unknown fact that weather does affect mental health, especially to those who already have mental health issues. Here’s some information about seasonal depression:
    Now, I’m just spit-balling here, not really trying to prove a point, just bringing up a suggestion. Going along with the nurture side of the nature vs nurture argument, the environment around us heavily influence our mentality, so wouldn’t it make sense for a baby born in winter to act differently than one born in the spring just based off of their environment? Like, a baby seeing snow within days of being alive, or a baby getting sun burnt the first time they go outside could definitely change their behavior, with babies being at such an important developmental stage!

  3. Jeffrey Sherman

    I have never been a follower of horoscopes, but I do believe your post was organized very well. My major fault with zodiac signs is that they generally cater to any personality, regardless of your individual sign. I have also found them to be simply flat out wrong. This article explains how horoscopes purposely use wording in which they make the reader feel self important. Ultimately, I respect your opinion to read your horoscope, but I never necessarily found the value in it.

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