Birth Control in’s and out’s

Former best rapper alive Lil Wayne, said it best, “safe sex is great sex, you better wear a latex” (record scratches) or birth control?

Since the invention of female birth control contraception, the question before sexual intercourse is  are you on birth control” before the question “do you have a condom”. Yes, birth control prevents pregnancy but what about STD’s?  I’m sure I don’t have to inform you guys that condoms are not only for the prevention of pregnancy but as well as sexually transmitted diseases, so I won’t. Instead I’m here to inform the ladies on contraception usage. The good, bad, short term and long term effects birth control can have if any on woman.

Speaking from experience women tend to be the ones responsible for asking to use contraception in contrast to men. Men would use the excuse condoms desensitize the “full sexual experience” to not use a condom. But 9 times out of 10 they are opposed to using condoms because they find the woman highly attractive.  I mean thanks for the compliment guys, but let’s think with our heads and not your “head”.

I recently had “girl talk ” with my roommates and I felt it was important to share with other ladies who may not know the importance of a healthy sex life. The concept of consuming a pill daily that restricts females from their natural reproductive system can be risky.  Birth control is a ovulation contraception that comes in various forms; pill, patch, ring or a needle shot.  All of these forms inject your body with two doses of hormones called estrogen and progesterone. When these two substances are combined, they have the ability to thin the lining of the uterus(endometrium) which makes it more difficult to fertilize an egg.  Thickening the cervical mucus by preventing sperm from fertilizing the egg  and preventing ovaries from releasing eggs. Like all manufactured medications, birth control comes with a side effect disclaimer by pharmacists before taking it.

Some short-term side effects

1.Nausea. Depending on your body’s reaction to pills nausea may be a side effect of yours. The estrogen and progesterone level may be too high of a dosage causing women to feel unsettled.

  1. Increasedappetite. You ladies are used to this during PMS I’m sure. That sudden craving for chocolate at 2am, yeah imagine that every time you take a BC pill? Get ready to pack on the pounds ladies because it’s a coming if you take the pill.


  1. Discharge. Second generation birth controls cause blood clots and lubrication decrease. Decrease in vaginal lubrication can cause sexual intercourse to become difficult and painful. I don’t know about you ladies but , isn’t this the reason why we get on birth control? Women’s health expert and OBGYN, Dr. Cerdena believe the issue can be prevented during the process of which women pick their birth control. The level of progesterone determines this.

Long-term effects 

  1. Synthetic consumption: Studies have not been proven that thhe use of synthetic estrogen and progesterone to be harmful. Yet, I don’t feel that consuming anything artificial to be healthy for the body.
  2. Breast Cancer. Around 2002 birth control was stopped because of the risk factors of causing breast cancer in women. The synthetic hormones used in birth control were the same found in hormone replacement therapy, which increase chance of blood clots in the breast by at least1% yearly. Hormone replacement therapy with progesterone increased the risk by 8%. After a couple of years using birth control the risk factor increases to approximately 30%.
  3. heart complications: Using birth control for a long period of time increases the risk of plaque building on your arteries. A research study was conducted using 1300 healthy women who used birth control for 10+ years. The women were proven to have plaque in their arteries. Every ten years this risk increased.

The Good

  1. Pregnancy risk: Birth control claims to be 99% effective if used correctly. I know we all know that one female who may have gotten pregnant while using birth control. But she may not have used the contraceptive correctly or must have been really fertile. For the most part having sex without having to “pull out” or worry about the condom breaking is always a relief and allows you and your partner to really enjoy one another.
  1. Healthy skin: Newer birth controls have been proven to contain vitamins. Helping strengthen skin, hair and nails. Birth control doesn’t act like proactive, you won’t see result immediately but after a few consumptions, acne improvement will happen.
  1. Painful menstrual cycle. If I ever contemplated using birth control this is the sole purpose why. For all my ladies who have excruciating cramps, birth control is said to help reduce the pain. The thinner the uterine liner the less pressure is placed on the abdomen to decrease the painful cramping days.

Still contemplating BC ? I know, Im not sold completely either. At least now that a couple facts are placed, you ladies can conduct a research of your own and form your own opinion. Whatever you do don’t remain safe, and don’t let anyone manipulate you in taking something because “everyone is doing it”.

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  1. Claudia Lynn Hatch

    I thought this was very helpful, especially because lately I have been working out late at night. I never thought about whether or not it interrupted my sleep, but I am happy to see it won’t do me too much harm. I totally feel ya with the worry of the freshman 15 and the inability to find time to balance food, school, and the gym. However, I thought this blog was great, it had solid resources, and the pictures really improved your points. Great job! This article is similar to your topic and I thought it gave out some interesting points!

  2. Claudia Lynn Hatch

    I thought you had some unique humor in this blog, but I also thought it was highly applicable to most women today. I liked your topic and I have a lot of friends who are on birth control, so it was very informative. I think you did a great job, however you could have used more sources or evidence to make your point even better. Here is a video from the DOCTORS show that tells about the pros and cons of PERMANENT brith control.

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