Can Talking on Your Cell Phone Give You Cancer?

Over the years there have been rumors and speculation that the radiation from cellphones could potentially be causing brain tumors. This rumor is thankfully false. A report from “Presidents Cancer Panel” found no evidence linking cell phone radiation to malignancies. Actually, since 1991 talking on the cellphone has increased by six times. Since that time the number of brain cancer incidences has been cut in half.

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According to “” since cell phones in the 90’s used to have antenna’s they gave off the strongest RF waves. There have been study links to these types of phones not only causing brain cancer, but skin and testicular cancer as well. To test this in the lab it was studied on Animals as well as people. It was found by this article that the waves given off from the phone aren’t quite strong enough to damage DNA. Because of this there is no proof that cell phones cause cancer so it is supported that the RF waves do not cause tissue or DNA damage.

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4 thoughts on “Can Talking on Your Cell Phone Give You Cancer?

  1. dff5115

    I believe that this issue is going to be a big issue in the future with how attached we are to cell phones. I common belief is that Bluetooth headsets can help eliminate the danger that cell phones cause. I think that this blog could have been better if you talked about alternatives to cell phones to see if there was a relative risk

  2. Mansi M Patel

    I think you could’ve broadened your research on this subject a bit. There are so many different studies with different results out there on cell phone usage and cancer. In my opinion, this topic is overdone. Your post could use some anecdotal insight and maybe include some of the things we learned from class, such as mentioning that these studies did not in fact suffer from the file drawer problem, since they were published right away.

  3. Sean Patrick Hickey

    I had a classmate in high school who’s father passed away from brain cancer and they were convinced that it was because he was always on his phone. Apparently the cancer was right around where he would hold his phone to his ear and this led them to believe it was caused by the phone.Obviously this is san anecdote but I have always wondered if there were facts to back it up. I don’t talk on the phone too much but when I do I try to use the earphones to talk instead if holding the phone up to my ear just in case.

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