I am going to state this early on and again later, I do not condoned cheating I am simply trying to see if there is some sort of science behind cheating or a way to explain it better. So lets carry on…


We all know cheating is a bad thing to do, but why do some people still cheat? ¬†Well according to NYTimes men and women both have this genetic “cheat gene” called the Vasopressin receptor. There has also been studies that show some correlation with the oxytocin which effects social bonding and the sexual reproductive system.


Also in other studies men are more likely to cheat then women, but money might also play a part because in a study men were more likely to cheat on their female counterpart if she makes more money then him. It does say it is the opposite if the female makes less money she will be less likely to cheat, although for the guys who are making more money still have a lot of opportunity to cheat at their job. According to Cornell Chronicle at Cornell University.


Again I am not condoning cheating I am just stating some correlations. Also not all men cheat, depends on the kind of man he is.

4 thoughts on “Cheating

  1. John Rutledge

    For men at least, they have the desire to be with multiple partners. It is hard wired into their system because their natural tendency is to spread their seed to as many people as possible, therefore increasing their chances as populating the world, which is what we’re meant to do. I’m not saying that all men cheat, but I would say that we have a higher tendency to cheat vs. women.

  2. Raegan S Pechar

    PSA: I in no way shape or form condone cheating either. In fact, sometimes I will literally turn a movie off if in the opening scenes someone is cheating, no jokes. However, I have always wondered WHAT makes someone do that? Like what in their brain allows them to believe that their actions are justifiable, or do they just not care? There’s an article I found that explains why the brain gets such satisfaction from cheating, more in regards to school, but it explains this “rush” feeling. Could cheaters in relationships cheat to feel the same rush?

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