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Coffee! A beverage people all around the world know and love. We consume it to wake up, to concentrate while studying, or just enjoy it. Drinking coffee is a HUGE part of the college experience. Another huge part is drinking, so why not combine the two? My friend was studying for a test the other day and he decided if he shotgunned the coffee can then the caffeine would be more effective (he really just wanted the attention). Now I do not have a video of this to share but heres someone else doing it.

This made me realize that caffeine and alcohol are pretty similar. They are addictive, unhealthy especially when mixed with too much sugar, and in the long run both increase stress levels. This chart shows contrasts between coffee and beer but looking at the big picture they seem fairly similar.

Now I have heard that the faster you drink alcohol, the drunker you get. This is because your body absorbs the alcohol faster and your metabolism cannot keep up, but is it the same for coffee and energy?

If I had to test this I would use the hypothesis of if you drink coffee faster, then the caffeine will be  more effective. I would have 1 test group consisting of 10 people and they would have the independent variable of a time limit to drink the coffee (30 seconds, 5 mins, 20 mins). Each will be tested by every subject but on different days to make sure they are not effected by the previous sample. The controlled variables will be the kind of coffee and how much of it. The dependent variable would be the amount of energy they have (concluded by a questionnaire completed at the end of each test). The problem is that there could be confounding variables effecting the results such as the effect of the excitement of chugging coffee and assuming it should have an effect on you, this might wake you up more.

Both caffeine and alcohol are addictive drugs, caffeine is easier to get addicted to but alcohol has more dangerous effects. Try not to drink too much of both and theres no need for unnecessary consumption methods.






Coffee: Is It Bad For You?

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  1. Justin Passaro

    Kayla, as someone who loves coffee, I found this post to be interesting! I actually just made a cup to help keep me awake. The one thing about your blog that stood out to me the most was the question you posed about drinking coffee fast and seeing the same enhanced effects like we do when we drink alcohol. I never have thought of that even being a possibility. Regardless, I thought that was a creative question and though I have serious doubts, I still looked it up. Even though I couldn’t find anything on how fast you should drink it to see the best results, I did find an article on Forbes that suggest when the best time of the day is to consume your coffee.

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