Could Santa Actually Exist

Leaving cookies and milk out for Santa is one of my fondest memories from my childhood. And we see in pop culture today that he is still a very iconic figure to many people around the world. But is it possible that someone like Santa could exist, traveling around the globe in one night and leaving in the arctic?


We first must look into if it is possible for him to travel around the world in only one night. There has yet to be a species of reindeer that fly, let alone any species in general that could fly that quickly. Taking into consideration that Santa is largely christian based and that there will be some ‘naughty’ children on Christmas, that leaves him with roughly over 90 million houses to hit ┬áin one night. That means that for every second that he can be delivering, he would need to deliver to over 820 houses. Even if he could somehow fashion a machine that could travel that fast, he himself would have to move extremely fast.


This is also taking into consideration that he has to have a large industrial-sized building to create all of the presents, that wouldn’t have been able to produce enough presents for what he has to produce because of the relationship of arctic settlers and the natural land.


8 thoughts on “Could Santa Actually Exist

  1. Jovian Ebony Osborne-pantlitz

    I believe all facts stems from some truth and since Santa came from a man, named St. Nick. I can believe your hypothesis of him possibly being real. But you’re entire post was a hypothesis. If you would’ve inserted an actual plan of how he can fly to all these houses instead of saying, “there has yet to be a species of reindeer that fly, let alone any species in general that could fly that quickly”. I think if you gave examples of him using a jet or some other form of transportation it would’ve been a bit more convincing.

  2. Ahmed Mohamed

    I agree with everyone. Pretty awesome topic but scientific evidence would have been nice. You could have also laid out some numbers of how much time it would take to get to each place and then all together.

  3. Anthony Frank Trobiano

    This was a fun blog post to read but with no scientific evidence or reliable sources whatsoever. I believed in Santa up until I was probably about 10. Still some of my favorite memories of my childhood. Although the lack of evidence I have to give you some respect for making such a bold post such as this one. Good job. Here’s a link to peoples childhood Santa stories! Enjoy!

  4. Sean Patrick Hickey

    Santa could definitely exist people can live in the north pole and he just has his elves build him a super fast sleigh and his reindeer train year round to fly him fast enough to get to every house in one night. And he practices his chimney sliding so that he can get in and out of houses as quickly as possible. Or at least thats what my mom told me, Im a bit skeptical.

  5. lkv5058

    I’m no expert, but I would venture to say santa does not exist. It is interesting to see, however, what would have to be created to make this fictional character a possibility. Seems like our technology is still a long ways away from Santa’s magic. Thanks for posting!

  6. Matthew Hogan

    I enjoyed this post a lot even though it proved that there is no possibility of Santa being real. As a kid I obviously believed in Santa just like most kids did. I guess we never really think about the logistics of everything, we just leave cookies out and get excited that we are getting presents in the morning. I thought it was pretty cool that you looked into what it would take for someone to actually do this. I knew it wasn’t possible, but aside from the flying reindeer I didn’t think it was that far-fetched in terms of the time. Unfortunately Santa is not real, but this was still a very interesting post.

  7. Trae Vann Morgan-White

    Pretty interesting, but I honestly hoped for a bit more scientific evidence. Hell, maybe a few studies. But based on this topic, it may be hard to determine if Santa is real. I honestly stopped believing in Santa when I was 7 years old. I just knew Santa was my mother all along, ha. But I respect your choice of topic. This should be studied on!

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