Do screens damage your eyes?

In today’s world, we are always staring at screens. The advance in technology has created a world where we are constantly looking at some type of screen. Almost everywhere you go, there are televisions or computers. Almost everyone has a cell phone in today’s age. Teenage kids today are one of the largest users of screens. Video games, social media, and entertainment are always pulling teens towards some type of screen. It’s nearly impossible to go somewhere without seeing a screen. Teens tend to overuse technology, but can this overuse damage their eyes?


One study shows that in fact it can. There are a wide range of problems that can arise from screens. In an article, Dr. P Suresh discussed how screens affected the eyes of teens and adults. Some problems that occur are lack of focus, tension headaches, computer vision syndrome, and myopia. These are all causes from overuse of screens. Damaged eyes are not the only thing caused by overuse of screens. Overuse also shows an increase in obesity in teens.

I am sure many of us have felt our eyes hurt from staring at our phones too much and we need to be conscious of how overuse of phones and other screens can affect us. Our eyes are something that we need to take care of and there are many things we can do to prevent screens and the advancing technology from harming our eyes.

6 thoughts on “Do screens damage your eyes?

  1. Nathan Andrew Morningstar

    I can probably say that staring at a computer screen has greatly affected my vision. When I was younger, I had perfect 20/20 vison, hoever because I spend a lot of my time either working on computers or creating programs, I can’t help but feel that is why I have to wear glasses now.

  2. John Rutledge

    I’ve actually done my blog on something similar. But the blue light in the screen can effect how you sleep. But also, I do see professional gamers who wear special glasses while they are playing video games. This is due to their extended time on the computer, and the screen causing their eyes to strain.

  3. Michael Kevin Curran

    Definitely interesting to think about the various types of screens we encounter on a daily basis. Interesting point bringing up the obesity in teens, but could that be a cause of correlation and not causation? When I read that, my initial thought was that teens that have too much screen time do not have enough exercise, which would also lead to obesity. Interesting read overall though!

  4. Trae Vann Morgan-White

    The struggle, man. I think my eyes are in love with computer and phone screens because my eyes can’t stay off of them. It’s the most uncomfortable feeling for me because I’m on my screens 24/7, especially in the middle of the night when I’m doing homework before the deadline. Pretty solid blog, Ryan. What I would suggest is that you gather more than one source or study to add to your topic!

  5. Matthew Hogan

    I thought that this post was very alarming. I figured that looking at my phone and laptop all the time wasn’t great for my eyes, but I guess I just didn’t think about it that much. I already don’t have great eyesight, and I’m sure I can attribute some of that to playing to much video games and watching tv. We should all start trying to stop using our phones so much, because we all use them so often and it is effecting our eyes and our brain. I found the obesity part to be very scary. I’d say that obesity is more a result of us being inactive. There is most likely a correlation between the time spent looking at screens and lack of exercise, causing people to become more obese. Check out this article on how screens affect eyesight, it says it can cause people to become more short-sighted:

  6. Patrick Ryan

    After reading the title I was really hoping that they don’t affect our eyes. I feel like I am always looking at one whether its my phone, laptop, or the tv. I like how you summarize the conclusion that they can actually affect our eyes and how you say we need to take care of them. Here is an article explaining how screens affect the youth’s eyes and what it can possibly lead to in the future…

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