Does Exercise Improve Your Hearing?

Studies have indicated that exercise can help an individual improve his/her hearing loss. Exercising for hearing loss has numbers benefits. Exercising regularly is one of the most successful techniques to stop hearing loss and improve hearing capabilities

In some studies, it has been proven that certain exercises improve blood flow to the brain, which improves an induvial cognitive abilities. Aerobic exercises are they main key as they will have the wanted effect on blood flow and offer people the proposed hearing benefits. The workouts should also be great for younger individuals who suffer from hearing loss, as they were shown to work even on people older than 50.

Yoga is also a great way to help improve hearing problems. Some forms of yoga are perfectly fit to helping sufferers of hearing loss to recover their hearing. For example, a yoga exercise called yawning, which combines a mantra with breathing exercise, can improve your hearing over timr with just two to three minutes of working out a day. Some yoga exercises can even be used to help alleviate a little bit of pain if your hearing problem is accompanied by such a problem as well.

Depression also has a strong link to hearing loss. Therefore, it goes without saying that any workout will help put an individual in a better state and will aslo most likely help with your hearing problem.

A study from a University in Finland confirmed these results. This study tested 848 people between 75 years old and 90 years old. They gave the participants hearing exams. Then they tested each individual with a battery of exercises, including indoor activity, stair-climbing, a half-kilometer walk and a two kilometer walk.

Those who scored lower in all of these forms of exercise also were more likely to have hearing problems. For example, those who scored lower on stair-climbing had nearly three times the likelihood of having major hearing loss issues.

Exercise signifies increasing circulation and the elimination of contaminants. Increased circulation means transporting nutrients to those cells that need them. And toxin elimination means removing those things that damage the components of our ears that transmit sound.

There are multiple ways physical exercises can help you overcome your hearing problems. Specifically, exercise has been shown to help with the problems normally responsible for hearing loss, for instance, strained blood flow to the brain, obesity, depression, and so forth. Good regular workouts might just be what an individual needs.



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    I enjoyed reading this post because it’s something I’ve never thought about. Obviously when you think of exercise you think of how it improves your health, and muscles, etc. But you never think of how it can affect your hearing. It’s interesting to read how doing things with your body can affect your senses. This link talks about how to sharpen your senses and how exercise can contribute.

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