Does Watching TV Too Long Hurt Your Eyesight?

There have been multiple speculations that watching TV too long or too much hurts your eyesight. This article is all about myth busting and solving and researching rumors that people have said to be true. This article confirms that watching TV too closely or too long cannot permanently damage your eyesight. Although it cannot cause permanent damage there is still the chance of a minor headache or tired eyes. This was just a myth that many people believe to have been true as well as myself. My mother always used to tell me if I watch TV too much it will cause damage to my eyes. I’m not sure if she was just trying to scare me or if she actually thought it was true.

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According to this ophthalmology article watching TV too close wont cause damage to your eyes but if being watched in the dark it can cause eyestrain. Eyestrain can be as small and simple as blurred vision or just simple pain around the eyes. It is said to be more of a child habit that we eventually grow out of. There is no evidence of this being true so scientists must call it a myth.

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5 thoughts on “Does Watching TV Too Long Hurt Your Eyesight?

  1. mzm6020

    This article is very interesting because there have been numerous times where I will watch the TV very close and for a long time, and nothing will happen; other times i sit there for maybe 20 minutes and my eye starts to hurt. it is interesting to see that the eyes start to strain when the lights are off. There have been numerous times when I turn off the light in the room and begin to watch TV, and my eyes start to hurt for no reason at all!

  2. Sean Patrick Hickey

    Any time I stare at my laptop too long my eyes start to hurt and I have to look away for a few seconds to let them rest. The same thing happens if I watch too much tv or really stare at any screen for too long. My experience is only anecdotal but I can’t see how staring at screens all day can be good for you eyes. To me it seems important to let ou eyes rest even if only for a few seconds. since its almost finals week and well probably be staring at our laptops a lot here is a link on how to avoind eye strain

  3. dff5115

    At home i often watch tv in the dark before bed and my TV is rather close to my bed. After getting a TV in my room a couple of years later i could not see as well at far distances and ended up having to get glasses. My personal case could just be an anecdote with other variables like my family history of wearing glasses but for the longest time i was convinced it was due to watching TV to close. Thank you for sharing this article

  4. Taylor M Stewart

    This is an ironic comment to make, but I haven’t noticed how much I missed television until I came to college without my tv. I never was a glued to the screen type of person, but when I did watch tv I remember having to refocus my eyes sometimes. I do believe that watching tv too long or being on my laptop for long periods of time effects my eyesight, even with my glasses on.

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