How do Concussions affect your ability to Learn?

Concussions are a huge concern in this day and age and often occur while participating in sports. A concussion is when your brain hits your skull and it becomes damaged. It is difficult to function as your cognitive abilities are obstructed from this injury. Many feel the pain of having nausea, migraines, and memory loss. It is difficult to learn while you have a concussion, but how does it affect your ability to learn after you have recovered from one?


At the time of a concussion, it is difficult to learn and doctors recommend that you do not participate in school until you have fully healed. However, there are still problems that can arise after you come back. The long term effects from concussions depend on the severity of them. It also depends on how many concussions you have had. Once you get one concussion, it becomes easier for it to occur again. The location of the concussion is also another factor that can lead to long term effects. If you have multiple concussions in the same part of the brain, then it can become increasingly damaged and sometimes the damage is irreversible. Frequency of concussions are also something that can cause long term damage. This is why people with concussions need to make sure they are fully healed before participating in any activities that might cause them to get another concussion. Cognitive impairment is the aspect where one’s learning abilities are affected. Some people can have difficulty learning for the rest of their lifetime due to a concussion. This is why we must be smart and make sure we are fully healed before doing any activities. You also can have memory and reasoning problems which can also affect how you learn.

Concussions are something that people should not mess around with. If you have one, you should make sure you are healed entirely before doing anything. Kids in school often want to rush back from them so they can participate in sports, but it isn’t worth the risk when you could damage your brain that can cause lifelong problems. It is essential that coaches, parents, and doctors, and patients do not rush this healing process.

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  1. jnb5450

    This blog caught my eye right away because one of my best friends was a soccer and basketball player in high school and got 3 concussions over the course of 3 years. This caused her to have to quit all sports (just in case of another injury that they would not want to risk the dangers of) and it cause he to be very behind in school. I remember even after she was caught up with work, she would still have a hard time for a while to learn at her normal pace, and concentrate and memorize information. I wish your blog had a live link so it was a little easier to follow and find where you got your information from but very interesting facts! Here is a site that shows how concussions change you memory after: enjoy!!

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