How do Smartphones Work?

Almost everyone apart of the working and school world uses a smartphone nowadays. They are the latest and greatest in technology designed to make our lives simpler and more efficient. All of the technology packed within a 5 inch Samsung Galaxy S7 is simply remarkable. However, a lot of the reasons smartphones are able to do what they do is because even more technology located thousands of miles away from your device.

Some of the things Smartphones Include

  • Calendar/Notes
  • Host Applications and Games
  • Cash Checks
  • Scan Receipts
  • Create a WiFi Network for other devices
  • Sync Data with applications such as Microsoft Word and Outlook

All of these things are incredible, but how exactly, is a smartphone able to accomplish all of these tasks. The answer lies within the cell phone networks. Basically your smartphone is a mini radio that is constantly on the receiving end of other signals. The cell phone networks are separated into different cells. Each of the different cells have antenna signals that send out cell phone signals to all of the phones in a certain area.

Next comes the hardware on the phone. Most smartphones run on processors and computer chips. The computer chips allow for the functions such as using the internet, or sharing images.  The most used feature being the camera uses high-resolution image sensors that are also found in digital cameras.

However, the most important feature is the Operating System (OS). This is what keeps all of the smartphones in the world up-to-date. The operating system manages all of your phones hardware and software. For example, all Samsung Phones run on Android. The operating system allows for your phone to run multiple application at one time. It also allows you to download all of the applications that you want and produce them as well. The smartphone is a multipurpose device because of the OS. It allows a user to be able to watch a video, receive a call, and then return you back to the video after the call ends. It is also the reason why you are able to synchronize all of your information with outside devices.

I personally find my smartphone always saving me. All of my important HW dates are placed in the calendar which alerts me with a notification the day before the assignment is due. It also acts as my alarm and clock. It is my resource to connect with the rest of the world with just a few simple clicks.


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