How do Violent films affect aggression?

Movies are meant to entertain us and many of us love to watch thrillers or scary movies. During these movies, there tends to be many instances where crime or violence are involved. A lot of us enjoy the suspense and the scare factor to it, but not many of us think about what it can do to our mood. I know most of us have probably watched hundreds of murder scenes and other violent scenes, but does this have any effect on us?


One study shows that people do become more aggressive after watching violence in movies, however, it depends on what personality you have. It is interesting to see how it depends on how people react to the violent scenes they watch. These scenes can affect our decisions are made due to emotion and how we think. People in the study were affected in different ways and some were more aggressive than others after watching these types of scenes.

Movie makers are not going to change the what they put in their movies and violence is always going to be a part of it. It’s intent of being entertainment is not always going to be beneficial to society. These violent scenes can cause aggression to some and this may lead to violence. Finding people with aggressive behavior at a young age is something that people can do to prevent violence in movies from affecting their behavior and aggression.


3 thoughts on “How do Violent films affect aggression?

  1. Benjamin R Tuohey

    This is a very interesting topic. I have always wondered if violence in things such as movies, video games and sports carried over into peoples actual lives and altered their behaviors. I think you should add some more sources into your post. This article talks about violence in sports on the field, can lead to violence off the field as well.

  2. John Rutledge

    I’ve never been too sure about this issue. I think that violent video games personally don’t effect me in a violent manner I a play a lot of them, but I do understand the reasoning behind the issue. I think that there needs to be more research done on the issue.

  3. Alexander J Pulice

    Interesting blog post topic. Movie and videogame violence is a hot topic issue, and I believe it needs more discussion, because there are potential harmful psychological side effects. As for you post, I’d suggest try hyperlinking the sites into the body of your text instead of leaving long URLs in your text. You should also reference more precise statistics if you can, and link thoe as well. if you’re interested in more statistics, check this article out

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