How Long Does It Take To Become Addicted?

When the word addiction comes to mind most people think of cigarettes, gambling, or drugs. A serious question to ask is, how long after trying one of these addictive substances does it take to actually become fully addicted. According to this Article from it can take as long as one day to become addicted to cigarettes. A big factor that decides how fast someone can get hooked is their type of personality. According to “” addictive personalities are usually genetic. This amazes me simply because a lot of colleagues of mine say that some of their parents have addictive personalities.

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Being addicted to any type of substance or behavior is not particularly a good thing. This can cause major issues such as hospitalization, rehabilitation, and even death. The scary thing is how fast it can happen and you wont even realize. Addiction is a major crisis in the world today and there are multiple hotlines, rehabs, and other sources that can help you through it. It is just crazy to think you want to try something once due to peer pressure or just personal reasons and the next thing you know you are in rehab or dead. Image result for addiction hotline

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  1. Madelyn Erin Peikin

    This blog post was very relevant–especially in our world today. I wish you had gone into a little bit more depth about addictions. Perhaps you could have looked into why it is so hard for people to quit drugs once they start. Here is a website that describes why it is so difficult for most people to quit.
    Of course we always see commercials, too, about getting help for a drug or alcohol addiction. I also asked myself how certain drugs might affect our bodies while reading your blog. Here is a website I found on how alcohol affects the body.
    Some of the things alcohol affects are your brain, heart, and liver. Overall, good topic. I liked your post. Hopefully you enjoy some of the things I gave you to look into. Thanks for posting!

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