How much do you really know about e-cigarettes?

It is known that smoking cigarettes are very unhealthy, but what about vaping? Since high school, some of my closest friends have chosen to use nicotine juice vaporizers over smoking cigarettes. The juices come in many assortments of flavors and seem very artificial. Recently my roommate got a vaporizer, and I noticed a massive increase in the heaviness of a small cough I had. Only after three days of having the vape, I find myself “coughing up a lung” throughout the day. During my CAS class, I had to leave the room while someone was giving a speech because I was coughing to the extent of nearly throwing up! I figured it had to do something with the vape. I wondered if vaping nicotine juice is just as damaging to my health as other tobacco products. The null hypothesis for this question would be that vaping nicotine juice is not as harmful to my health as other tobacco products while the alternative hypothesis is that vaping nicotine juice is as damaging to my health as other tobacco products.vape-juice-e-juice-1-759x500

From researching this article, I have learned a lot about E-cigarettes. Although these devices are in a way new, they still pose many health risks and concerns. The juice that is vaporized still contains nicotine, the most commonly known addictive substance within tobacco products. Nicotine is known to be extremely dangerous when around a pregnant mother because of its negative effects on a fetus’s brain and lungs. Although there are many fewer ingredients in┬áthese juices than a cigarette, such as no tobacco, the juices still contain cancer causing carcinogens. Not only that, but a lung disease that commonly goes by the name of “popcorn lung” can be caused by an ingredient within the juice known as Diacetyl. Even without tobacco, E-cigarettes are still considered a tobaccoproduct by the American Lung Association.ucm455606

After further research of a study, the comparison of e-cigarettes to cigarettes is unknown. The reason for this is because although e-cigarettes contain much-known cancer causing carcinogens that cigarettes contain, these electronic cigarettes have only surfaced American life recently. There has been a massive increase of people using these e-cigarettes, but since cancer takes some time to develop, there is little knowledge on the e-cigarettes likelihood to cause cancer. Unfortunately, there are little conclusions to draw about e-cigarettes in comparison to their counter parts, cigarettes.

Although e-cigarettes contain no tobacco, they still have other chemicals that are known to cause cancer. The recency of this new way of smoking nicotine has made it difficult to truly know much about the effect these devices have on a person health. It is unknown whether the null or alternative hypothesis are correct because not enough time has passed since the device’s creation. Unless you already smoke cigarettes, it may be a smart idea to keep your distance from e-cigarettes for now, because although they may not be the same as cigarettes, they definitely┬áhave their similarities.


4 thoughts on “How much do you really know about e-cigarettes?

  1. jnb5450

    This blog really interested me because I actually just wrote my blog on e-cigarettes and if they are safe than regular cigarettes. I like how you questioned your own hypothesis and almost made a study out of your own question. E-cigs are very relevant to college students now, but so many people don’t know that they can be harmful. I found very similar information, that even though they are not AS harmful, they still have many disadvantages to out body, skin, teeth, lungs, etc. I used this website ( to research all about how e-cgis can ruin our skin, which I did not even think would be possible.

  2. Darcy Pacheco

    Before reading this post I did not know anything about e-cigarettes aside from them being an alternative for actual cigarettes. I think this is very relevant because a lot of people in college do smoke. According to the National Youth Tobacco Survey most American youth find e-cigarettes to be less detrimental than a normal cigarette and that there is a rapid increase of use. To find out more information about how America’s youth is starting to utilize e-cigarettes, click on the link to view information about the study:

  3. Raegan S Pechar

    This is actually a really interesting concept to explore, especially because some of my friends have chosen to vape and it still really worries me as to what harm it is doing to their body! I have never been one for cigarettes, though most of my friends have. Even if vapes are not a cigarette, like you said, they still contain nicotine – which is the true culprit here. Unfortunately, like typical health effects, the answer is going to take years on end to come.

  4. Alexander J Pulice

    Vape Nation bruh. But honestly though, the whole vaping craze continues to dumbfound me, and I have yet to see the appeal to it. I understand using electronic cigarettes as a method to prevent yourself from smoking tobacco, but at the same time its still inhaling chemicals. Because you can adjust nicotine levels in the e cigarettes, I understand using them if you are trying to slowly wean off of nicotine addiction (which would be impossible with regular cigarettes. Its concerning that detrimental health effects are already emerging from their use, despite mot having significant long term data

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