Is there a Tinder strategy?

After matching with more than 100 people on Tinder, I still have yet to find much success through using the app. There is obviously a lack of understanding between matches, so I wanted to see how other people have found success in the app, and what this success means to them. Obviously, the initial question to be asked is what is a users goal when using the app. It varies between gender and people, but what is the primary goal of many? I use tinder for entertainment purposes but obviously, hope to find someone on the app I am attracted to and could meet. Others use the app to find hook ups, or even just a friend to talk to. I first wanted to find out what the best strategy is to use to get a match, and what the best primary message is to get a response. The null hypothesis is that there is no particular strategy or message to get a match or response while the alternative hypothesis is that there is a specific strategy or message to get a response. Stay tuned if you have the Tinder application.

expansive-or-retractive-1In a study done by UC Berkeley professors, it was discovered that there is a much higher chance of matching with someone when using a profile picture with an expansive pose. This pose suggests dominance and can be just enough to differentiate yourself from a more contractive user. The pose also reflects openness, an important aspect for initial success in receiving a match. This study was done by testing 3,000 Tinder swipes to find that having an arms-out expanded posture was more likely to be rewarded with a match.

After matching with a potential partner, in my opinion, comes the hardest part. The initial message can be a deal breaker. I have witnessed successful attempts to get a response, as well as failed ones. Unless noted in a person bio, the initial approach is tricky. Often girls request a good pick-up line, and other times these lines are considered “fuck-boyish.” I took it upon myself to find out the best approach to beginning the initial conversation with a match. To my surprise, the most successful approach to getting a response is through sending a GIF. In this study different GIFs were tested to see which got the highest response rates. The Jimmy Fallon, “Haaaaay” GIF seemed to be the most successful. I took it upon myself to see if this strategy would work on the most attractive girl I had ever seen on Tinder, and it did! These studies have confounding variables such as the level of attractiveness of your match, and how difficult they are to get to reply.giphy

Based on the research done in these studies, the null hypothesis can be rejected. This is because there is a strategy to achieving success on Tinder, whether it be to get a match or response. It can be concluded that an expansive pose will give a more dominant and open vibe, increasing your likelihood of receiving a match. Furthermore, the best way to get a reply would be by messaging a GIF that can spark laughter or entertainment. Whether you are using Tinder to hook up or date, you can probably achieve more success through using the strategies studied in this blog!



7 thoughts on “Is there a Tinder strategy?

  1. Theodore Andrew Ochieng

    This was a great blog. Like Matthew mentioned it was the perfect balance of funny and insightful. The poses thing does not surprise me as body language turns out to be a very important method of communicating that a lot of people are not aware of because we are not explicitly taught it at school the way we are taught a foreign language. There is a famous TED Talk about body language.

    The GIF strategy is brilliant. I had never thought about it but it makes so much sense. Unlike a purely text-based message where nuance is usually lost, GIFs seem more personable because they are the messaging equivalent of facial expressions — which are also very important in communication. They also communicate, without being overt about it, a potential interest your match and you might have in common making it more easy to start a conversation.

  2. Michael Kevin Curran

    I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. This had the perfect balance between informative and funny, and you nailed it. Also, I have to say, what an interesting topic to go with. I never really thought much of there being a strategy to Tinder, but always kind of looked at it like a roll of the dice. Clearly, I stand corrected, and again want to congratulate you on a great blog post.

  3. Matthew Hogan

    I thought this post was very funny, but it was smart as well. I would definitely agree that there is a strategy that can be used. I do not personally have Tinder, but it is definitely true that how you portray yourself is very important. Comedy is definitely an important factor. I’d say just about all people respond well to comedy and are much more likely to take an interest into someone they think is funny rather than someone who is not. I also really liked that you decided to test this out for yourself. Although the Jimmy Fallon gif is funny, to be honest I’m surprised it worked. Great post, and good luck with getting more matches.

  4. Trae Vann Morgan-White

    Probably one of the most interesting blogs I’ve read here so far. I love that you included the scientific concepts we’ve learned and incorporated them into the Tinder topic. I do believe there is a Tinder strategy as well. Believe me, choosing the pictures with different poses or features definitely appeals to people and gets you more matches! Good blog, Zach.

  5. jnb5450

    I love this blog, it caught my eye right away! Tinder is such a common thing for us college students. I have so many friends that use it, and so many guy friends that always struggle with the same problems: what to make their picture and what to message her when they match. I should definitely send them this blog. Anyway, I’d love to know the science behind it. I wonder if there is a certain part of our brain that is triggered by certain jokes and I wonder what makes people have different senses of humor. This can all relate back to how to get someone to like you. I find it funny and interesting how that one GIF is so popular amongst everyone and can get anyone’s attention. Here is actually a really cool article about how to get someone to like you…

  6. John Rutledge

    There is definitely a tinder strategy. Something as simple as switching the side you pose with can make a difference. This always intrigued me though how people can look better by doing something as simple as turning to their side.

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