Is your cellphone bad for you?

My mom always tells me that if I sleep with my phone by my head it’s bad for me. I always tell her she doesn’t know what she’s talking about but maybe she’s right. Is too much cell phone screen time bad for us?


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According to the first source I read while researching this question, cell phones have high levels of radiation. This source also says that cell phone use can lead to cancer because of the high levels of radiation in cell phones. After reading this I was very alarmed because I never thought that cell phone use could lead to cancer. While reading another article I was explained that many scientists do believe that cell phone use could be linked to tumor development. I was wondering what type of proof they have of cancer being linked to cell phone use but while reading farther in the article I learned that because cell phones are a relatively recent addition to our lifestyle we couldn’t not have proof they cause cancer. Cancer takes 10-20 years to develop so scientists will not be able to come to any proof that they cause cancer yet. Scientists have come out and said that the longer people are exposed to the radiation of the cell phones the more at risk they are of possible getting cancer. I wasn’t surprised to learn that children are most at risk for possibly developing cancer than adults are. This is because children have been exposed to cell phones for a longer period of time. I am anxious to find out if they really do lead to cancer in the future. If this is true than that is a really scary issue that is going to affect most of the population, especially our generation. I don’t know if there is much that people can say to get people to stop using cell phones if there is not actual proof that they cause cancer. I’m hoping that this prediction is wrong and that it does not cause cancer but if it does I cannot even image what would happen to our society as a whole.

After reading about all of this I will definitely take the steps to try to keep my cell phone not close to me at all times, but I don’t know how realistic it would be to never use my cell phone. Cell phones have become a staple in most everyones lives and I could not imagine that everyone will stop using them if there is not proof out there that they 100% cause cancer. For now I just hope that this is not true and cell phones will not cause us cancer in the future.


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3 thoughts on “Is your cellphone bad for you?

  1. Jordan Crawford

    I like this blog post, it’s something everyone phases on a daily bases. Some days I don’t get away from my cellphone. It’s always in my hand, in my pocket, or close by. It drives me crazy if I go somewhere and forget my cellphone. The only time I don’t have my cellphone with me is when I go to the gym. I always leave it in my truck, so I can just focus on working out. Cellphones are some peoples new drug.

  2. Zachary Jacob Himel

    I always have an issue when it comes to time management and my telephone. I always pass so much time by playing phone games. I feel bad because it seems like I am just wasting my life. Sometimes I want to delete my favorite phone game but I never do. If you are wasting time too, here is an article to help with that:

  3. William Joseph Robbins-cole

    For the last four years my parents have been telling me I spend way too much time on my phone. Last year my science teacher proclaimed to the class that he believes that a correlation between cell phone use and cancer will be the next big break in science. I agree with you that like cigarettes it would take a lot of data to dissuade people from keeping their cell phones so close.

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