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Guns have been a hot topic the last few years. There are hundreds of types of guns you can buy, and each gun has its own way of working. Along with the different types of guns, you have all kinds of ways to customize your guns. You can buy lasers, sights, and much more, but I’m going to be talking about silencers. Whenever you think of silencers of guns James Bond pops into a lot of people’s minds. How can a silencer make a gun almost silent?

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The real name for the common word silencer is actual compressor. It is called that because it is impossible to make a gun that is silent. The sound of a gun comes from three main sources of the gun, the hammer, gun powder, and pressurized gas. The pressurized gas coming out of the powder is 3000 pounds per square inch, that’s how the bullet is push out the end of the barrel.

Compressor lower the sounds with the way the barrel is made. The barrels of compressors are longer and bigger than the barrels on the guns. Inside the compressors there are special groves and chambers that give all the compressed gas a place to expand. Normally without a compressor the gasses come out at 60 pounds per square inch, but with a compressor drop them to about 20 decibels. 20 decibels are about the sound of a whisper. That’s how a compressor works.

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  1. Anthony Mitchell

    Hey, I personally am a James Bond fan as well. I don’t see much of the science behind your argument here. I understand the technicalities of the suppressor on a gun, but that doesn’t really do much for the discussion. Maybe this can help:
    It focused in whether or not the surpressor makes a different in the bullet velocity. James Bond usually doesn’t have too much distance in between targets he uses this attachment for, but it may be nice to explore.

    Sidenote: What is your favorite JB movie? Mine is “Octopussy” and “A Time to Kill”

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