That’s right, I said it and lets talk about it…


blood-vs-sperm¬† ¬† ¬†According to a British National Probability Survey it is shown that people who reported on masturbation tend to have a higher social and education class. When you are masturbating dopamine is released in your brain which gives you the “feels good” sensation, According to an article off of Pub Med. When and after you are masturbating your stress levels goes down and endorphins are released which and can decrease your tolerance for pain, according to Hawai’i Medical Journal.


Turns out we are not the only ones who masturbate, According to IFL Science. There is a full list of animals who do it such as Penguins, Porcupine, Horses, Dolphins and so on… But the reason why they masturbate is because it helps them to have a better chance at having children and improve the quality of sperm.



But back to humans masturbating can actually help your pelvic muscles especially in women as we age. It is also said to switch up your “technique” as it could also lead to a decrease in sexual arousal and experience According to an article on sexual function and pelvic disorders.

No matter what anyone tells you Masturbation is a normal thing to do, now go have fun…


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  1. Matthew Hogan

    This was definitely an interesting post. A little odd but interesting nonetheless. I found it to be interesting that people who masturbate more have a higher social and education class. I didn’t really think that there would be a correlation between the two. Also I remember learning about dopamine in high school psychology and that it makes us happy, but we never talked about it in this regard. I found the part about the animals to be especially surprising. I thought that we were the only species that masturbated. Also it seems like animals have sex to reproduce rather than for enjoyment like we do, so I didn’t think that they would masturbate. Although I guess it makes sense if they do it to have a better chance to have offspring like you said.

  2. Marvin Barnhill

    It fascinating to see all that little “self-love” can do for you, for body, and even your social and educational status. Im sure with further research, people may even feel more inclined to participate if they see the right results. For some, to hear that what they’re already doing has more positives than they think must be a relief. Interesting article, many people wouldn’t touch this subject.

  3. Amily Zhuang

    HAHAHA! This was absolutely uncomfortable and hilarious!

    You should also add experiments and data in addition to your live links to support your claims. I’m sure there will be people in the class who are still ignorant to this topic because of the horrible health classes middle school gave you, where it is completely normal for girls to bleed and guys to have hard-on’s.
    I can honestly remember the cartoon videos that were pg-13 explaining to me what my body is doing.
    Here is a video that might jog the memory for some people. (:

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