Recently the U.S government has approved phase three trials for determining if MDMA, otherwise known as ecstasy of molly, is helpful in the treatment of PTSD. The FDA approved this trial based on the successful results of many smaller trials, in which war veterans, along with others who had experienced post traumatic stress, would take MDMA along with therapy in an effort to help ease the affects of the PTSD. Many in the studies said that MDMA was the first thing that had worked for them after years of trying countless pills and natural remedies.

MDMA works by causing your brain to release chemicals that evoke feelings of well being, love and trust, MDMA also subduing fear and negative memories that can hinder recovery. the thinking is that this drug makes it easier for patients to confront their causes of PTSD and cope with them head on, instead of being overpowered my the negative memories it  invokes.


After reading this I was a bit skeptical, but as I read more and more of these  studies  I am convinced that the approval for a phase 3 trial was the right thing to do, especially considering that the best treatments available for PTSD right now still do not help approximately 30-40% of people who suffer from PTSD. With that many people unable to be helped it is obvious that doctors and therapists need more options to treat these people. Many doctors and politicians will argue that MDMA shouldn’t be used because it can be addicting and have the possibility of abuse, but to that I ask them what prescription drug doesn’t have the possibility for abuse? Specifically pain killers, Oxycontin is one of the most addictive substances on earth and it prescribed everyday by doctors without a second thought. The fact is that all drugs come with side effects, but if the benefits, in this case helping soldiers cope with what can be a life altering disease in PTSD, outweigh the risks than an effort just be made to give people in need access to this drug in an effort to help them.

Obviously I cannot do a test of my own to see if MDMA is helpful, but if I were to conduct a study The null hypothesis would be that MDMA does not help treat PTSD, while the alternative  hypothesis would be that MDMA does help treat people with PTSD. This question will be answered at the conclusion of the Phase 3 trials, and if the results are good, MDMA could be prescribed to people as early at 2021. But simply based off of what I have read, and the lack of better treatment alternatives, I would reject the null hypothesis and conclude that MDMA can help treat PTSD.





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  1. Alexandra Paxton

    From the research I’ve done on this topic I think MDMA can be a huge breakthrough for psychologists working to treat PTSD. The way it helps patients confront their problems head on without negative emotions really seems to help the healing process. The movement to use MDMA to treat PTSD actually has their own website explaining their treatments and reasoning behind doing what they’re doing. I think they’re are also obvious downsides to using MDMA like brain damage and addiction, but ultimately I think the FDA won’t approve the use of the drug if those issues seem present in patients.

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