Obesity epidemic

Obesity is a condition involving an excess amount of body fat and has become a rising epidemic in the United States. Nearly 78 million adults and 13 million children are affected by obesity. The health risks associated with obesity are very serious and can lead but not limited to heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. However, obesity is a treatable condition and typically people who suffer from obesity have two bad habits. One being over-eating and the other being a lack of exercise. In most cases, simply changing these habits is enough but unfortunately for some there are more severe factors like genetics that presents a more challenging endeavor. Nevertheless, obesity does not have to permanent and is best tackled at a young age. Kids should be taught healthy habits and learn how to enjoy food in moderation. The growing problem should be dealt with by the government, who should make changes to help the health of the nation as a whole. A healthier society would be more productive and therefore, improve the nation. In order to combat the obesity epidemic the government should tax unhealthy foods, provide healthy alternatives in schools, and increase the premiums of those who fail to meet the nationwide fitness standards.

Taxing unhealthy foods would be a viable solution to the epidemic because this would create more money to help stimulate other advances towards stopping obesity while also making unhealthy foods less appealing. Taxing unhealthy foods has only positive outcomes. Society’s main problem is that they are misinformed about what they eat. Advertising campaigns are designed to draw in money and are not looking to benefit the consumer by any means. By successfully taxing the unhealthy foods in America and using that money to support healthier alternatives, the government can help stop the obesity epidemic.

Another way the Government could help combat the obesity epidemic is by mandating schools to sell healthier alternatives. Students need a healthy lunch readily available for them at school. About half of all students by lunch and they should not be limited to only sugar sodas, potato chips, and a plethora of other poor food choices. Improving schools lunches will not only help to fight obesity, but it also will help with behavior and performance of students. By giving students more nutritious alternatives at lunch the government can help stop the obesity epidemic.

A third solution to the obesity epidemic is to set a standard of fitness for the people and charge anyone under the standard a premium on their insurance. This will give people more of an incentive to start becoming healthier and benefiting society as a whole. The fitness standard would not be a difficult one but it would ensure that people are not at an increased risk for serious health problems such as heart disease, heart attacks, and many other fatal conditions. Insurances should be allowed to charge more to their overweight customers because that is in their control and they are more susceptible to illness. People choose to eat bad foods and people choose to smoke cigarettes. Essentially, holding obese people accountable for their weight will help stop the epidemic.

In conclusion, the obesity epidemic is a growing problem in the United States and needs to be brought to the attention of the government. The government has the power to fight back and help save the lives of millions. To do this, the government should tax unhealthy foods, provide healthier alternatives in schools, and increase premiums for those who are obese and fail to meet fitness requirements to help stop the epidemic.

Obesity was not always a problem and in fact, only in the last 20 years has it become an actual concern. With the rise of unhealthy foods circulating in America and around the world it is no wonder that people are getting fat. The constitution would argue that people should be allowed to eat whatever they want and should have the freedom to do so but that should change. Times have changed and we need a new progressive way of thinking. We cannot continue to live in the past. As new problems occur we must find new ways to solve those problems. The constitution is in some ways can be viewed as outdated and should be adjusted to meet the needs of the people in current times. Why should we still abide by rules that were set way back in 1787? New problems call for new solutions and the government must take charge if they want America to continue to be a superpower and excel as a country.


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