Panic attacks

Just recently I had a to do a dance performance for a club on campus that I am part of. It was my first time ever doing a dance performance and let me tell you I was very nervous. My palms were sweaty, my heart was beating really fast; my dance partner on the other hand was very calm and out of no where started to freak out. She was shaking and was feeling lite headed, and was having trouble breathing.

I’m curious to know what happens inside of a persons body when they experience an anxiety attack.

Arlin cuncic a journalist of in her article states that panic attacks originate in our brains before anything. Chemical messengers in our brains called neurotransmitter send signals to different part of the brain that have an impact in our body. When the neurotransmitter send out signals they activate the sympathetic nervous system.

What I found pretty interesting Is that in this nervous system something called “Fight or flight” occurs. Fight or flight is when adrenaline goes in our blood and our body undergoes some changes where we might panic, feel short of breath or we might stand up to the situation.

So to sum things up when a person has a panic attack fight or flight is occurring in their bodies. In out sympathetic nervous system is where panic attacks originate. When a person has a panic attack it isn’t a fun thing; because the body experiences many symptoms like shortness of breath or even dizziness which can be scary for a person. So when we see someone who is having a panic attack allow them to calm down on their own.



3 thoughts on “Panic attacks

  1. Olivia Erb

    Panic attacks are a serious thing and I didn’t come to realize that until this year when I started experiencing minor ones. Every time I take a test, have to study for a test, or have to read aloud in a class I have a panic attack. I have learned to keep them under control for the most part but sometimes they get out of hand. The fight or flight mode is a serious thing and usually is the reason I can get through a panic attack so quickly because I am telling myself to fight it. Panic attacks have been around for a long time and I don’t think they’re going away anytime soon.
    Here is a link to really good article that has more information about what an individual undergoes during a panic attack, so feel free to put yourself in their shoes for a little bit and check it out.

  2. Johann Michael Kok

    I’ve always wondered why panic attacks occur. They seem so scary, and I never knew the science behind it. I’ve never had one but I’ve seen them happen and it alway surprised me how worked up someone can get while suffering a panic attack.

  3. Zachariah Watkins

    Good post, I always knew about the fight or flight mode our body goes into by pumping adrenaline into our blood stream but I have never truly experienced the fight or flight mode myself. But after further readings I found that the reason we still use fight or flight is because our ancestors had to adapt to their changing surroundings and always had to be vigilant while hunting or even gathering. So it makes sense as to why we still have the response system. Here is a good article about fight or flight.

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