Simple ways you can help Global Warming

Global Warming is no one’s fault, one cannot put blame one country or industry for the rise of global temperatures. It is cause by a wide array of global trading industries across the world. The nations of the world gathered in Paris last December, and agreed to reduce emissions to a record level. While heads of states signed the agreement, it is left to regular people to carry out their own responsibilities toward the planet. I could scare you about the facts that scientists agreed upon, I could tell you that Over 100 million people living in coastal regions will be displaced by just a one-yard rise in sea levels, I could tell you that There is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today than at any point in the past 800,000 years, and the U.S. produces 25 percent of the carbon dioxide pollution from fossil-fuel burning, I could tell you that California ran out of water! I could tell you that the world lost about 16 percent of all coral reefs due to unrest in sea temperatures. Global Warming is real, and I also believe we can be a part of its end. As much as it is scary, the measures to counter it are not. For example, If you replace your regular lightbulb with an LED lightbulb, you are helping. If you are recycling in way or form or measure, you are helping, when you leave a room and turn off the lights, you are helping, when you plant a tree, you are helping, when you use less hot water, you are helping, when you buy an energy efficient product, you are helping, when you replace using plastic, you are helping, when you reduce your household garbage by just 10 percent, you save 1,200 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, and again, that helps.




4 thoughts on “Simple ways you can help Global Warming

  1. Theodore Andrew Ochieng

    Thanks for the blog post about individual ways that we can help. I think though that even if we all did what you proposed individually then in aggregate our reduction in carbon-dioxide production would not be enough to curb temperature rising because individual human activity on aggregate is causes way less global warming than industries. However, I think it would be interesting to look at how we can leverage our small aggregate to affect the larger aggregates.

    For example, Dr. Mann mentioned during his talk how if we moved from eating beef to chicken that would cause a huge reduction in the amount of greenhouse gases produced as well as open up more land for other uses. Those uses could include installing solar panels to form a clean local grid and use that energy to power things like air conditioning thus removing a huge weight off of the national grid and reducing emissions there.

  2. Raegan S Pechar

    I really appreciate this blog post because I have always kind of felt overwhelmed by the concept of global warming, I felt as though this was just a big problem for just one small person to tackle, and I didn’t know where to start! Your blog reminded me that sometimes it’s the little steps that actually matter, and can often make the greatest impact. I think together, with awareness and all the small steps, we will (hopefully) be able to combat Global Warming a little better.

  3. Jen Malespina

    I liked that you made a post including ideas on what we can do to help with this Global Warming situation. The fact about the abundance of Carbon Dioxide in the air was frightening and may encourage people to actually try some of these things. If I could make a suggestion it would be to space out the set up of your blog more. It’ll look more organized rather than having all of this great information put together in one paragraph.

  4. Sarah Tarczewski

    I agree wholeheartedly with the ways you mentioned we could help stop global warming, but I definitely think we can place some blame for climate change. As Michael Mann told us in class, humans are almost certainly the only cause of climate change. The fossil fuel industry and the agriculture industries especially are very detrimental to the environment.

    Additionally, another suggestion I would make for people concerned about climate change is to give up eating meat. As I mentioned, the agriculture industry is very bad for the environment – but especially the meat industry within that. I have included a link of evidence!

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