Test Anxiety is a serious struggle for students, especially students in college. The thought of preparing all week for a test that you know you’re going to fail. Biting your fingernails off because you’re so nervous waiting for the test. Then shaking uncontrollably when you don’t know an answer on the test.
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There was a study done that wanted to determine if muscle relaxation techniques could help calm test anxiety. The null hypothesis would be muscle relaxation techniques have no impact on test anxiety. While the alternative hypothesis would be muscle relation does have an impact on test anxiety. The study conducted was a two group experimental study where one group was the control group and the other was the experimental group. One of the groups was taught muscle relaxation techniques over and extended period of time. The other group was not taught anything.


After a few weeks of collecting data my null hypothesis proved to be correct. I also feel that it depends on the person and how they will deal with test anxiety. I have test anxiety and have never thought about doing muscle relaxation techniques.


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  1. Madelyn Erin Peikin

    Your blog was extremely relatable–especially during these next couple of weeks. I always find myself getting super stressed out right before a big test or exam. I have a Spanish final this morning and I can already feel myself freaking out. Although you stated that relaxing your muscles does not seem to have helped people, i always find that doing breathing exercises definitely calms me down. It helps me to stop freaking out and just breathe. I found an article on test anxiety and things that might help, and although the things recommended might not work for everyone, i am going to definitely give them a try. Thanks for sharing.

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