The Early Bird gets the Worm… Or does it?

If you are like me, and getting up early is no problem. I’m also pretty sure everyone has heard the term the early bird gets the worm but… is that really true?


Well in the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, I found as article that says finding out if you are a Early Bird or Night Owl is genetically predetermined, with Chronotype. People who are Night Owls in high school seem to have lower grades compare to the early birds and if it worsens in college it shows the same effect. Although you can change your sleeping habits, they have found that people who are Night Owls have been shifting their clocks when they are in college. Although there was a study found on Winnipeg Free Press that summarizes a study that people who are Night Owls tend to have a higher IQ then those who are Early Birds. The article also stated that people who are Early Birds are less likely to have addictions and depressions compared to Night Owls. Even though it seems Early birds have a better advantage, the Night Owls aren’t doing so bad themselves. It all depends on how productive you use your time.

3 thoughts on “The Early Bird gets the Worm… Or does it?

  1. Madelyn Erin Peikin

    This article was interesting. I enjoyed it, but I wanted to know more about the studies you found. I can relate to this blog because I definitely consider myself to be a night owl, but I felt like the blog could have gone more in depth about both types of people. I decided to do some of my own research, and found that night owls are definitely had a disadvantage. They tend to experience more frustration and be a lot more tired more frequently. On the other hand, night owls tend to be a lot more extravagant. There seem to be more benefits for an early bird– which sucks because i do not consider myself to be one. But, I can always try to improve my sleeping habits and become a morning bird! i just don’t know if it’ll come naturally.

  2. Alexander J Pulice

    too like the topic o your blog post. I’ve read somewhere before the different personality traits that early birds and night owls possess, and its quite interesting. I too wish you’d go a little more in depth. It’d be cool if you listed some famous night owls and described personality traits that most of them share. For example take a look at this article

  3. Cassandra N Kearns

    Your blog has a lot of potential within it due to the idea that our bodies have biological clocks. After reading your blog, I wished that the argument was a little bit more clear and defined. Also, your argument could have been made stronger by relating the material back to class discussion as well as talking a bit more in detail about the studies that you found. Here I found an interesting article that describes how the feeling of thirst is brought on by our bodies a few hours before we need to sleep: . This might be an interesting addition to your blog.

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