Which Diet Works?

Now I know winter season is coming and everybody is ready to relax their bikini bodies, but what diets really work well? This is an interesting topic because there are so many different types of diets out there now which one is better for you?


There is an article from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition , that talks about a huge study that was done and both diets and working out helped them to lose weight. They also stated that with the weight loss is easier to maintain and with the weight loss they showed higher levels in confidence, energy and so on. For carb diets, The New England Journal of Medicine has an article that states when they did the study carb diets may be a helpful way to lose weight it all depends on personal preference and your metabolism. In The Journal of American College of Cardiology states that people who do these carb diets do take in less calories and can help in weight loss, but you would also need to take the right supplements because there is a deficiency in fiber and micronutrients.

For High Protein takes a lot more energy to break down food but you won’t feel as hungry as a carb diet. The diet consist with a lot more meat, fruits and vegetables and has better nutrient absorption. The bad comments on this diet is that we lose fibre and it is easier for you to be constipated according to an article go Research Gate.


For those who try the “Just Stop Eating” diet We really shouldn’t be talking about this now in 2016 because this could lead to many serious health issues and overall  you gain weight after stopping the diet. It is highly not recommended.

Overall the best way to lose weight is to find something you are comfortable with and that will help you on being motivated. and maybe start with little changes and see how well you progress. But at the end of the day…


3 thoughts on “Which Diet Works?

  1. Jordan Crawford

    This is an interesting blog post. The title “Which Diet Works”, caught my eye with this post. The artical has some good information, but there really isn’t one diet that will work for everyone. Each person has a different body that reacts different to foods you put into it. One diet may work for one perosn, but it can fail for another person. Peopel should try all kinds of diets and see what works for their body best, not just works for someone elses body.

  2. Benjamin R Tuohey

    This is a very interesting post. I always feel like people today always feel as if they need to get skinnier and lose weight which I feel in most cases it isn’t done in a healthy way. Also today there are so many different diets and it can be very difficult to find one that works for a person. Since everyones bodies are different they react to different things in different ways so finding one that works can be a long and not so fun process. Ive attached an article that talks about some popular diet plans and which ones are successful

  3. Madelyn Erin Peikin

    This blog was very interesting because girls are always talking about new diets they have to try! During prom season especially, all of my friends were talking about how they were on diets and were always bringing in moderately small lunches. I almost did a blog post on this topic last blog period, so this blog really interests me. As you said, certain diets do NOT work, or are definitely unhealthy to your daily life. One popular diet for my friends was called “The Military Diet.” So, after reading your post, i looked into it to see just how healthy it is. I read that it is not good for your health and really only helps you to lose weight for the time being. After resuming to your regular eating habits, the weight will just come right back. It also mentions that you don’t even get the recommended amount of calories with this diet, so it is advised against. Here is the article if you’d like to look at it:
    Thanks for sharing!

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