Why are girls moody when on their period

I have girlfriend, who is always smiling and laughing for the most part everyday. By the end of the month she is not her usual self she acts completely different person. She will go from happy to sad to happy to mad and happy again all in a day and let me tell you it sucks.

It was hard to try to understand what was going with her So I decided to do some research and found this out. So when females are going through their menstrual cycle; hormones in their body can influence their mood. When a female starts her menstrual cycle she goes through different phases.

The first phase is called the Follicular Phase and Ovulation; often known to be when females are feeling good which is when their hormone estradiol starts to go up. When Follicle stimulating hormones are released trigger the creation of follicles in the ovaries that hold eggs.

The second phase or the feeling sexy phase is the Ovulatory Phase. When a women is in this phase a matter called Luteinizing hormone rises. The Luteinizing hormone helps set free the eggs from the ovaries and into the fallopian tubes for fertilization. In this phase the woman can exhibit sexual behaviors.

The last phase or the Luteal Phase, which is the phase right before they menstruate after women have ovulated the eggs that were in the follicles emit hormone progesterone; and as the progesterone level goes up women begin to get moodier this is when women become irritable.

Another thing that I found interesting when I was doing research on the topic According to Medicaldaily.com women during their menstrual cycle may see a decrease in their cognitive ability. Menstrual cramps can interfere in their selective attention and in their attention span; meaning that they are likely to lose track of tasks that they are doing.

Wow women go through a lot when their menstrual cycle comes around; their body has a lot of things going on. Now that I know what they go through it helps me better understand why the changes in mood occur their bodies reset every month so that they can be fertile.







4 thoughts on “Why are girls moody when on their period

  1. Devon Green

    I enjoyed this article because I like that instead of judging women for “PMS” instead you went out of your way to research why women the way they are when they are on their period. Being on your period definitely alters a women’s personality and we can’t help it but we try to deal with it. It is something all women have to go through so for men to take interest instead of judging us should be universally known and they should learn all the facts like this.

  2. Francis John Bassani

    I grew up with 3 older sisters in my house. The amount of horror I went threw to survive and to just stay hidden and say no words was immense. I dealt with all three of them, maximum was when each had a different week, I was always affected. They were mean, brutal, and unforgiving and all I could do was nothing. They would constantly humiliate and berate me and say mean things. Mood swings were constant and often aggressive. I never took them seriously of course because not only did I learn in school what is was, but because of my parents telling me, watching television, and of course witnessing it first hand.They never meant what they said and I would just be grateful I didn’t have go through that. I have developed a habit of caution towards women who seem agitated, hell hath no fury like a women scorned. I’m typing this lightheartedly and with humor.

  3. Darcy Pacheco

    As a woman, I found this article to be very interesting since I did not know some of this information myself even though I have my menstrual cycle every month. Reading this post made me think that there are some women that cannot have their menstrual cycle every month due to health reasons and sometimes cannot have it at all. While life would be easier and less painful without it, you are right that women who have menstrual cycles are properly fertile which is important for the future. I can personally attest to the fact that menstrual cramps can alter your cognitive ability; if one is in a lot of pain it becomes very hard to stay focused.

  4. Sarah Tarczewski

    Although these stages do hold true for women, the symptoms that women experience during the cycle can extremely vary person by person. For example, as opposed to emotional issues, I experience a lot of physical symptoms throughout my cycle. I experience tenderness, cramps, headaches, etc. I’d like to look more into why this is, and how these symptoms vary woman by woman. Interesting read!

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