Why do ankle sprains hurt so bad?

Have you ever had a sprained ankle…..yeah you probably have. They SUCK, I’ve had six I’m surprised my ankles haven’t just fallen off yet. Anyone is at risk for an ankle sprain but especially athletes. I played basketball for 15 years and it wasn’t until high school that I started experiencing ankle sprains so bad. I’ve always heard from a bunch of people that once you sprain your ankle it just keeps happening. They were not joking. So I always wonder why are ankle so fragile. I get that there are a lot of little tiny bones and tendons in there but why doesn’t this happen with any other part of your body.

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This article proves my point exactly about ankle sprains they are so common among all sports. Guys and girls get them equally. I think that these are the most common injuries because there are all different types of ankle sprains. Ankle sprains occur the most because besides the finger and toes those are where the smallest bones are.

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3 thoughts on “Why do ankle sprains hurt so bad?

  1. Raegan S Pechar

    Surprisingly, I’ve never had a sprained ankle (knock on wood), but I’ve always been concerned at how prone my friends are to getting them. Unfortunately, you’re not alone with your ankle spraining misfortunes, a lot of other people have gone through it as well! Here’s an article I found that explains steps to take for stretching and strengthening your ankle to hopefully prevent from future injury: http://www.runnersworld.com/injury-prevention-recovery/how-can-i-strengthen-my-injury-prone-ankles

  2. Patrick Ryan

    Great topic to talk about! I can relate to this because throughout high school basketball I Would always roll my ankle. Two times, the doctor said I had to wear a boot which sucked…but yeah simple ankle twists hurt a lot. Check out this article about the effects of different types of basketball shoes that could potentially protect or cause ankle sprains while playing…http://www.livestrong.com/article/405068-do-high-top-basketball-shoes-prevent-sprained-ankles/

  3. Justin Passaro

    I have had an ankle sprain before while I was playing hockey. Specifically, I suffered a high ankle sprain. It was painful and very annoying to deal with for the weeks following the injury. After my ankle injury, I wonder what a possible remedy or precautionary exercises I could do to ensure that a similar injury to my ankle wouldn’t come back. I found this article that list possible ways to prevent an ankle sprain.


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