Why do people like coffee?

What makes coffee so lovable? The caffeine everyone knows that. It’s the boost of energy you need to pull you out of bed for that dreaded 8 am class. Or it’s an iced coffee loaded with sugar to help you get through your midnight cram session for the exam. What is it about coffee though, I mean really everyone is addicted to it.

Image result for coffee  Caffeine is like a drug once you get a little bit of it you can’t stop. I don’t get it I hate the awful taste of coffee I don’t know how people drink it. Caffeine is especially needed for college students. There are a lot of days where I wake up and wished that I liked coffee because sometimes I just need a little pick me up.


An article from Business Insider talks about how caffeine is much like a drug and what is does to our bodies. If a study was conducted my null hypothesis would be drinking coffee has no harm to the body. My alternative hypothesis would be drinking coffee does harm to the body. When you think about it though people have been drinking coffee for many many years and you don’t really hear a lot of bad stories about it.

Conclusion: Therefore I don’t believe the issue to be coffee if it has been around for a lot of years.

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Sources: http://www.businessinsider.com/two-things-make-coffee-irresistable-2011-10

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  1. Jen Malespina

    As a stressed out college student struggling to stay awake throughout the day I can honestly say that coffee is my savior. Though I have been an avid drinker well before college, I still rely heavily on it. Some people just cannot stand it, which I understand but that does not apply to me. You should check out this article that highlights health benefits that go along with coffee!! https://authoritynutrition.com/top-13-evidence-based-health-benefits-of-coffee/

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